• Or perhaps employers could lend foreign workers the visa money, which the worker could pay back out of his wages over time.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Well I hope your son can face all that and meanwhile I hope he manages to pay this money back out of his wages and open another account somewhere.


  • Still, given the desperate state of the Ukrainian economy which is fast running out of money to pay public wages and pensions, Ms Tymoshenko did better than might have been expected.

    ECONOMIST: Ukraine's presidential election

  • Even where they have been making record profits, companies have hoarded their cash rather than pay more out in the form of higher wages, which have stagnated even as employment has increased.

    ECONOMIST: Japan's pain

  • In the absence of the next, 8 billion euro loan from its European partners and the IMF, the Greek government will soon simply run out of money to pay public sector wages and pensions.

    FORBES: Greece And The Crisis Of The Governing Elite

  • Matthew Slaughter of Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and Laura Tyson of Berkeley's Haas School of Business point out that multinational firms (which pay higher wages than non-multinationals) increased employment in America by 24% in the 1990s.

    ECONOMIST: America is becoming a less attractive place to do business

  • For years, we've seen jobs suburbanize in regions across the country, so move away from city centers and further out into metro regions and jobs that pay lower wages, like construction or retail, are among the most suburbanized, and so is manufacturing, which is an industry that's been hit really hard over the last decade.

    NPR: Poverty, Still Coming To A Suburb Near You

  • With cash running out, the finance ministry will struggle to pay pensions and public-sector wages at the end of June.

    ECONOMIST: The Greek election

  • But we're moving in the right direction, and we are going to keep on fulfilling our obligation to do every single thing we possibly can to pull this economy out of the ditch and to make sure that people can find jobs that pay good wages.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Announces $4 Billion Investment in Education | The White House

  • To get more work out of the same number of workers while paying them less, it helps to have 13.5 million people out of work and the easy ability to hire part-time labor and outsource to countries that pay much lower wages.

    FORBES: Do Tax Cuts Create Jobs?

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