• The government wanted to "trust" the teaching profession, "not busybody and patronise" it, Mr Gove told the Commons.

    BBC: Queen's Speech debate: Education and health

  • They patronise Ukrainians as the English once did the Irish, as bumpkins and dolts who speak the language funny.

    ECONOMIST: Its presidential election, too, could change the world

  • He is still deciding whether Lauder will patronise Sephora's Fifth Avenue store, possibly worried about hurting business at nearby Saks.

    ECONOMIST: Selling make-up

  • Don't patronise me with the lines "oh we only kill the sick and old foxes" and "the foxes don't feel a thing".

    BBC: Hunting with dogs: Is delaying the decision the answer?

  • For example, a quarter of the injectors surveyed in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi also patronise prostitutes, and few of them use condoms.

    ECONOMIST: The struggle against AIDS in Asia is far from over

  • Not to patronise them by assuming they're not capable of it.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Politics | Text of Michael Howard's speech

  • But older Greek women, in particular, do quietly patronise the Chinese, often getting clothes for daughters and granddaughters whose extravagance risks busting the family budget.

    ECONOMIST: The Greeks and the Chinese

  • When was the last time you saw a wealthy person patronise a cheque-cashing service, use Western Union or visit a payday lender (for an above-board transaction, I mean)?

    BBC: Killing off cash: Could new tech mean the end of money?

  • Everybody liked him, though it was a temptation for those who knew him to patronise him, to treat him like a favourite child or pet, such was the inequality of his and their knowledge about his life.


  • Swedes in general approve of their new schools, and the parents who patronise them are satisfied too: nine in ten say they are happy with their children's education, compared with under two-thirds of parents with children at state-run schools.

    ECONOMIST: Transforming Britain's schools

  • It helps that Washington has such a diverse range of stage lovers: educated types who patronise the likes of the Shakespeare Theatre and the Folger, high-end production-philes at the National Theatre and niche performance-goers at the Pulitzer Prize-winning Studio.

    BBC: The art of Washington

  • It is a vivid and, at times, moving story of one woman's lonely and dogged fight against the painfully limited expectations of her own gender embodied by her own mother, the unquestioning prejudice of most men of her age and the suffocating instinct to patronise of those who have inherited their positions rather than earned them.

    BBC: The Iron Lady

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