• Telehealth and telecare, which covers everything from specialist equipment to help a patient monitor their condition to sensors in the home to detect falls, has been piloted quite successfully in several areas.

    BBC: The NHS's troubled relationship with technology

  • For example, one home made no plans to monitor a patient's use of two anti-psychotic drugs and one depression medication, even though the drugs could have serious side effects.

    WSJ: Medicare paid $5.1B for poor nursing home care

  • With such a link, doctors in the U.S. can monitor the condition of a patient in real time and offer advice just as if that patient was in a telemetry-equipped bed in an intensive care unit across the hall.


  • The surgeon, instead of wielding a scalpel and cutting away, sits at a 3-D monitor across the room from the patient and controls three robotic arms with two joysticks.

    FORBES: Men, Cancer & Hope

  • Yet now technology's being developed that wirelessly, we can monitor in real time whether the patient has actually opened the cap, taken the drug and light up the United States like air traffic control, to know that these patients have taken or not taken the drug.

    FORBES: Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong On Health Care, Obama

  • " "It's very attractive from a biologic and a financial perspective, because the costs of administering chemotherapy intravenously are quite high, when you figure in the all the personnel required to inject and monitor the IV every time a patient has to come in for a treatment.

    CNN: Chemotherapy pill causes fewer side effects

  • Implantable electronics could monitor vital signs, deliver medications or track patient recovery.

    FORBES: DARPA's 'Transient Electronics' Will Disappear Anywhere

  • Baroness Williams argued that there could be a "conflict of duties" for Monitor if it had a duty to promote "patient health and patient care" and also to promote competition.

    BBC: Health and Social Care Bill part two

  • The committee has asked the Scottish government to monitor the types of procedures carried out on different patient groups, to evaluate the success of multi-million pound initiatives to improve health in deprived areas, and to say how it intends to improve nutritional information on food.

    BBC: MSPs warn of 'fatalistic' attitude to heart disease

  • So you might think that doctors would welcome a new brain wave monitor, made by Aspect Medical Systems, that indicates whether a patient is awake or asleep.

    FORBES: Defensive Medicine

  • We need to relax tele-medicine restrictions, again technology exists today to monitor, do follow up check ups and other appointments without having the patient come to the office.

    FORBES: Mitt Romney Outlines His Plan to Replace Obamacare

  • In both civilian and military use, the vital signs recorded by the monitor would provide doctors attending a casualty arriving at a hospital with a history of the patient's condition and any treatment administered something which is not always readily available.

    ECONOMIST: Emergency medicine

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