• In the ratings inflation of the bond-rating world, that's not a gentleman's passing grade.

    FORBES: CCC Sickness

  • The other car to get a passing grade was the Acura TL, made by Honda Motor Co.

    WSJ: New Safety Test Puts Car Buyers in a Quandary

  • The world must wait to see whether the work presented in Hong Kong will merit a passing grade.

    ECONOMIST: America tries to get things moving | The

  • It could also help some firms get a passing grade on government 'stress tests' to assess their fiscal health.

    FORBES: Accounting

  • His plan seemed to have worked since last week the Federal Reserve stress test results gave BofA a passing grade.

    FORBES: Bank Of America Shares Hit $10, Is It All Uphill From Here?

  • He recalls finding his college education uninspiring and corrupt: slipping a fifty-dollar bill into your exam booklets insured a passing grade.

    NEWYORKER: Net Impact

  • This is the Lynch strategy's most important variable, and Hasbro gets a passing grade because its PEG is below the 1.0 maximum allowed.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • There was no way to tell whether the same passing grade from two different reviewers meant they each received the same quality of service.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • Geithner got a passing grade in his confirmation hearing with the Senate Finance Committee (and in the final vote by the full Senate) as Treasury Secretary.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And though I genuinely enjoyed my senior year, I still had to pass my final exam in math to graduate which I apparently did albeit with the lowest passing grade.

    FORBES: Is a Harvard Degree Worth It?

  • Most of them are trying to get jobs as registered nurses or state troopers, for example that require a college degree, and they want one thing and one thing only from Professor X: a passing grade.

    NEWYORKER: Live and Learn

  • At Rhydymwyn, he worked for over a year on highly sensitive research into the manufacture of weapons-grade uranium, all the time passing those secrets to the Soviets, the historian claims.

    BBC: Spy leaked secrets 'like sieve'

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