• In other words, new threats are being developed using very sophisticated peer-to-peer programming tools that are targeting not just a certain class of customer or data, but a particular individual (say, a four-star general at the Pentagon) or a specific piece of data (such as the communication algorithms of a particular weapons system).

    FORBES: Connect

  • The advertiser has two variableto contend with(1) the sheer number of eyeballs or ears that a particular advertising strategy will reach, and (2) within a set, the number of eyeballs and ears actually interested in the product being advertised.

    FORBES: The Economics Of Online Privacy

  • The calendar means simply picking a particular day (or days) to rebalance during a year and doing it on that day, regardless of current events or the market status.

    FORBES: Choices in Portfolio Rebalancing

  • In the late 1980s, researchers at the University of Parma in Italy found that the brain cells of macaque monkey fired in the same way whether they were making a particular motion (like reaching for a peanut) or watching another monkey or human make that movement.

    FORBES: The Art and Science of Mirroring

  • You may not deduct the cost of looking for your first job in a particular profession (sorry new grads) or the cost of looking for a job in a new profession.

    FORBES: With Job Losses Soaring, Ten Tax Tips for the Unemployed

  • The specific entity within the Executive Branch that classifies a particular type of information or a particular program is called the Original Classifying Authority (OCA).

    FORBES: Alleged White House Leaks

  • Those who visit a particular place (such as a restaurant or a pub) are given badges.

    ECONOMIST: What video-game technology can do in the real world

  • If we can move a particular piece of medical care (or education, entertainment) from being a service to being a manufacture then we have moved it from the cost disease side of the problem over to where it benefits from the continually improving productivity of manufacturing.

    FORBES: Why Health Care Will Just Keep Getting More Expensive

  • Folz says that he sees "perhaps better immediate opportunities" in Latin America (Argentina and Brazil in particular), Eastern Europe (Poland and Turkey) and China, where Peugeot has a joint venture with Dong Feng Motors (an auto assembly plant that can turn out 150, 000 vehicles a year plus an engine and gearbox factory).

    FORBES: Businessman of the Year

  • It is also used to treat multiple myeloma, but it was approved first for a rare blood disorder, a version of a set of diseases called myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) where part of a particular genetic chromosome is deleted.

    FORBES: Celgene's Smart Buy

  • In business, in particular (I work in a business school) we are big on demanding innovation.

    FORBES: How To Innovate - Without A Miracle

  • And the answer has to be that it very definitely is, albeit of a particular (and particularly British) sort.

    ECONOMIST: A controversial new play

  • The malicious software "agent.btz, " though aptly-named for a narrative about international espionage, is likely one of many flavors of a particular category of malware that automatically (and silently) executes when removable media is inserted into a Windows machine.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In this experiment, Dr Whitelaw placed a gene (known as a transgene) for making a particular type of red blood cell into the genomes of a strain of genetically identical mice.

    ECONOMIST: Genes are not all there is to heredity

  • That means people can get 4G service from a site (or sites) weeks or even months before a particular market officially launches.

    FORBES: Why You May (Unofficially) Be Seeing Sprint 4G In Your City

  • If it is possible to attach a particular genre of music to a specific decade, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) appears to be the current front-runner for the 2010-2020 time-span.

    FORBES: Ultra Music Festival: Smashing Records And Global Expansion

  • In a conversation with a fund manager I explained how many semiconductors (memory chips in particular) are capital-intensive commodities with a 2-year lag from the time a major capital investment is made to when it reaches full production capacity.

    FORBES: Why Semiconductors are Like Airlines & Shipping

  • Advice covers everything from patents and copyrights to the pros and cons of buying a franchise, but a particular emphasis on downloadable tools (think business plan outlines and contracts) makes this a must-visit.

    FORBES: Top 100 Websites For Women 2012

  • In his book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell talks about an art expert who instinctively was able to determine that something was wrong with a particular statue (and its provenance) simply by looking at it, despite the evidence that it was authentic.

    FORBES: Working In The Flow Challenges Our Collaborative and Leadership Skills

  • My own information tends to confirm a particular bent by Xi (who overall is viewed by the West as a reformer) to lay down markers with Tokyo.

    FORBES: First Priority for Japan's Abe Isn't Economic

  • The strong currency has helped to boost purchasing power, especially that of poorer Brazilians for whom lower food prices are a particular boon (as is a government anti-poverty programme that reaches 11m families).

    ECONOMIST: Brazil: Lazy, hazy days for lucky Lula | The

  • Aflatoxin is a poison that is usually found in foods (especially peanuts) that have been contaminated by a particular fungus.

    ECONOMIST: A sick inventory

  • That puts DSL providers at a particular disadvantage, a Sprint (nyse: FON - news - people ) executive testified, because state and local telecom taxes are so high--an average of 13.9% of bills across the U.S., compared to an average 6% sales tax on other goods and services.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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