• Meantime Burke has had to slash his budget for new coasters to pare down debt.

    FORBES: Free Fall

  • Citi has been trying to address the problem of expense growth by, well, spending to pare down.

    FORBES: Citi Tries To Find Its Inner Thin Person

  • Milanesi predicts that small players will exit the market while larger ones will pare down their portfolios.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But Hormel is hedging some of that risk on top of efforts to pare down the cost structure.

    FORBES: Feasting On Meat Stocks Like Hormel For Juicy Gains

  • There will be plenty more pain as big carriers pare down routes and merge in the years ahead.

    ECONOMIST: On the road again? | The

  • More likely, we concluded, Lilly should go it alone and pare down and refocus its operations as Bristol did.

    FORBES: Can Eli Lilly Heal Itself?

  • Many wealthy people got pitches from their estate planning lawyers last year encouraging them to pare down their estates with lifetime gifts.

    FORBES: Finally, Estate Planners Can Read The Tax Code -- Not The Tea Leaves

  • They have been forced to significantly pare down their main credit card offerings because they lack the underwriting sophistication to adjust to the new environment.

    FORBES: The CARD Act's Winners and Losers

  • All this bickering over the future of the Internet may not matter in the end if Stevens does not pare down his bill to a reasonable size.


  • While the Bells are using their massive cash flows to pare down their debt loads, their balance sheets continue to be pockmarked with a number of unsightly blemishes.

    FORBES: Verizon Goes It Alone

  • Who wants to mentally calculate if you can get where you want to go and back or have to pare down your list of destinations to accomodate the range limit?

    FORBES: P.S. Did I Mention the Nissan Leaf is Boring?

  • Disney has virtually abandoned old-fashioned, hand-drawn animation—it is closing its Florida studio and the feature-animation business will pare down to 600 employees, compared with 2, 200 at the peak in 1999.

    ECONOMIST: Disney on the defensive | The

  • Instead, keep looking for solutions, even partial ones: get a roommate, sell the car, pare down basic expenses, investigate a short sale, ask if you can move back in with the folks.

    FORBES: Straying Off the Path or Changing Direction?

  • They are Porkchop, Pare Down and Find Humility.

    FORBES: What Yahoo Should Do

  • At the urging of their financial advisors, greedy descendants or golf buddies, some wealthy folks rushed to make lifetime gifts that would pare down their estates, ruining the holiday season for their lawyers and tax advisers.

    FORBES: Don't Gamble With Gift Tax Returns

  • The developments follow growing pressure from Western governments to crack down on tax evaders on the back of international agreements brokered at recent Group of 20 meetings, as well as a growing need to pare down state budget deficits stretched by heavy stimulus spending.


  • With respect to the euro, which is now trading at a 14 month low vs. the U.S. Dollar, perhaps this is an opportunity for the euro to pare down some of its weaker country components and implement stricter debt and spending standards (or perhaps better enforce their existing standards).

    FORBES: Greece: A Good Excuse To Sell Stocks?

  • In his first few months, he will need determination to pare, sell and shut down bits of his empire, quite possibly in the face of fierce internal opposition.

    ECONOMIST: Philips’s new frontiersman

  • Amazon.com (AMZN) was highlighted as a weakening stock in our Morning Call yesterday, and selling pressure intensified during the trading session as it broke the 100-day MA. The stock tried to rally in the afternoon to pare some losses but still closed the day down 0.5%.

    FORBES: Bulls Back On Parade But Google Goes Soft

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