• Seemingly, no one tried to stop him from this overweening naive course of action.

    FORBES: Obama's Incoherent Economic Policy-Making

  • His detractors see an unscrupulous opportunist of overweening ambition who is disrespectful of independent institutions.

    ECONOMIST: A big step backward for a still-uncertain democracy

  • The roots of this repression lie not in the leaders' overweening confidence but in their nervousness.

    ECONOMIST: China's repressive new rulers

  • Yet it is also content to reap gains from the impression that it opposes America's overweening power.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the Middle East

  • And that hatefulness is the point of the book—the accent, the manner, the air of overweening, in-your-face arrogance.

    ECONOMIST: English snobbery

  • This is the drama of a flawed and self-destructive hero, a protagonist of great achievements and overweening presumption.

    NEWYORKER: Unsinkable

  • Most Italians point instead to the overweening power of the baroni (barons), or tenured professors with the power of academic life and death.

    ECONOMIST: Universities desperately need reform—yet resist change

  • Fighting climate change allows councils—which are usually kept on a tight leash by an overweening central government—a rare chance to look and sound statesmanlike.

    ECONOMIST: Greenery from the bottom up

  • Worse, if it works and capitalism gains traction even in the backward north-east, locals might question the need for such an overweening central government.

    ECONOMIST: The other China

  • At times, government is overweening and ought to be cut back.

    ECONOMIST: Liberalism

  • He believes that the government's incompetence has handed Enel overweening power.

    ECONOMIST: Enel’s not-so-new look | The

  • Second, the galleries of portraits reveal the extraordinary tentacle of the Habsburg family and the overweening preoccupation with dynastic succession and the demands of strategic alliances.

    ECONOMIST: Spanish empire

  • The plan to find alternatives to an overweening state in the provision of public services made sense only if profitmaking firms were fully part of the mix.

    ECONOMIST: The Cameron government

  • The America that made his career possible is under threat, he argues, thanks to an overweening government that is suffocating entrepreneurship and weighing its citizens down with debt.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • Congress has seen other periods of overweening executive power (when Alexander Hamilton was treasury secretary, and when Richard Nixon was president) and vicious partisanship (in the 1890s and 1900s).

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • NGOs now lobby for convicts' rights, and lawyers argue that the issue is not between death-row convicts and the rest of the citizenry but of overweening state power over all.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan: A matter of life and death | The

  • This pretty much sums up the predicament America finds itself in when it relies on conservatives to limit grasping and overweening government to protect individual rights and prevent the state from tyrannizing the people.

    FORBES: Justice Antonin Scalia: Man On the ObamaCare Margin

  • Packed with anecdote and detail, it is a thoughtful, strongly felt study of what he believes are France's ills: a melancholy list that includes social division, widespread corruption, falling school standards and an overweening state.

    ECONOMIST: If in doubt, bash the French

  • As the title suggests, the themes of this work of fiction are the old ones: the vanity of human striving, divine punishment for overweening confidence in our technological achievement, the futility of human effort in a world ruled by indifferent nature.

    NEWYORKER: Unsinkable

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