over matter

overmaster vt. 征服;压倒;打败

  • Virginia Clinton doted on her son so much that she turned over the master bedroom to him.

    CNN: AllPolitics - TIME This Week

  • Gerard Greene clinched his place in the last 16 with a 4-0 win over Shanghai Master champion Dominic Dale.


  • But the more the state does, the greater the risk that it gradually becomes master over the citizens it's meant to serve.

    BBC: Cameron's data speech in full

  • Handed down over centuries from master to pupil, it is the only whistled language in the world that is fully developed and practised by a large community (more than 22, 000 inhabitants).

    UNESCO: Culture

  • NPR's music's Bob Boilen who's been the best master presiding over this year's polling and we invite him to walk us through the highlights.

    NPR: Radiohead Delivers Album of the Year

  • Bethesda also boasts the highest percentage of residents with advanced degrees in the country, with 51.5% of residents over 25 who have master's degrees or Ph.

    FORBES: Real Estate

  • Vaggelis Segredakis, administrator of Greek's ".gr" domain said it had an "ongoing issue" with Icann and had first made a request to change the master lists over a month ago.

    BBC: Net body accused of bullying tactics

  • There are currently more than 4, 000 former NFL players suing the league in a master complaint over head injuries suffered during their playing days with billions of dollars in damages at stake.

    FORBES: President Obama Questions Safety Of Playing Football

  • "At some point, mathematics stops and the nose takes over, " explains the master watchmaker.

    FORBES: Time Is Money

  • Most unforgettably, my husband and I were given the master bedroom directly over the falls where light and sound rise from the water below.

    WSJ: A Marriage of Nature and Art

  • The programme charts the lows of Gravell's struggle to get to grips with walking on a temporary false leg, to his joy when he manages to master enough control over the artificial limb to resume driving and regain his independence.

    BBC: Ray Gravell's final months to be aired in BBC documentary

  • It was part of his Olympic master plan and his over-all marketing portfolio.

    NEWYORKER: The Olympian

  • Whether I am delivering a speech on leadership before a corporate audience, issuing a final report on business in China to a client company's board, or trying to sell my firm's services, there are three key rules I keep in mind to get over my fears and be a master public speaker.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He was a master at defusing rows caused by over-promising salesmen, the premature release of bug-ridden software or the downright arrogance that Oracle can sometimes demonstrate.

    ECONOMIST: Oracle

  • In some places there was no material to go on at all for the last movement, and therefore for the work as a whole, Mr Payne has had to invent a conclusion, drawing on his own sense of the Elgarian idiom, formed over some 40 years' devotion to the master.

    ECONOMIST: Thank goodness Edward Elgar��s wishes were disregarded

  • He then hands the result over to Martin Schleske and Michael Rhonheimer, two master violin-makers, for conversion into instruments.

    ECONOMIST: Violin-making

  • He continued visiting Nicolas over the summers, before going on to do a master's degree in medieval history at St.

    FORBES: The Other Sarkozy: Big Apple Dealmaker

  • Master storyteller, Jim Stovall, has sold over 4 million copies of this book that was turned into a movie and spawned a series of associated books and movies (one of which was co-authored by yours truly).

    FORBES: 2013 Personal Finance Reading List For The Attention Deficient

  • Chip-scale sensors already tell an SUV's master computer when the vehicle is about to roll over and the Wii game controller when the live player wants to swing the virtual bat.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Fresh from his first innings double century, the 'Little Master' was irresistible, smashing Hauritz for successive sixes over midwicket before rocking back and driving the same bowler twice through the covers for four.

    BBC: India storm to victory over Australia to win series 2-0

  • Toast master extraordinaire Ivor Spencer should know -- he has orchestrated over a thousand royal events and trained dozens of butlers.

    CNN: A right royal showdown

  • The plan has been followed, more or less, as construction has stumbled forward over the past decade, but, after winning the competition for the master plan, Libeskind never managed to get a commission to design even a single building himself.

    NEWYORKER: Shaping The Void

  • Blankfein is a master of keeping out of the spotlight even when his firm is all over the headlines.

    FORBES: Bank Of America CEO: Stop Yelling About The Bad Stuff We've Done

  • For starters, the NFLPA filed a legal complaint with the Special Master that has been assigned to deal with labor disputes with the league over how the contracts were designed with money still flowing to the owners in the event of a work stoppage.

    FORBES: NFLPA President Kevin Mawae Sees Players Unified And Ready to Battle a Lockout

  • Foster threw off the yoke of an unappreciative corporate master and overdemanding private equity investors, only to have impatient Wall Streeters watching over him.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But he held sway over the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) for a decade after that as the master manipulator of money and factions.


  • District Master Harold Gracey repeated his opposition to direct talks with the Garvaghy Road residents over the marches, and said he was in no position to do deals with anyone.

    BBC: Parades 'not meant to heighten tension'

  • Over five years, the couple updated the kitchen twice, the living room twice and the master bedroom and office twice.

    WSJ: One Duplex, Three Renovations | Balance Sheet

  • Today, the Christmas song is a holiday standard with over 1, 500 renditions since it was first recorded, but none of them quite reach the master's version.

    NPR: Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song'

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