• The perennial fascination with Joan may seem out of proportion to the facts.

    ECONOMIST: A maid for all reasons

  • Dependency exemptions seem to take on a role in divorce negotiations that is out of proportion to their economic significance.

    FORBES: State Court Can Order Custodial Parent To Release Exemption

  • He refused, saying the shareholders had elected him, and he felt the punishment was out of proportion to the offense.

    NEWYORKER: The Kona Files

  • Mike, beneath everything you say there is a clear sense you feel the things being said about you are the way out of proportion to your confessed transgressions.

    FORBES: Dow Jones Interactive

  • So, the impression of that noisy shouting is more than actually, as Mr. Harris just said, it's out of proportion to what really was there, although, it was there.

    NPR: Health Care Debate: Why So Much Yelling?

  • In real terms Washington has been spending more on the military than during the Cold War, Korean War, or Vietnam War, all out of proportion to the current threat environment.

    FORBES: Republicans Mislead Their Base With Handwringing Over Sequester Defense Cuts

  • Enormous fees, out of proportion to the work done or the miles flown, also pay for the dead periods between mandates, and for the bidding contests that the banks fail to win.

    ECONOMIST: Investment banks

  • If your actions are criticized, the leaderly thing to do is to answer the critics, engage them, but remember that nowadays a minority opinion can get attention that is way out of proportion to the actual influence of that particular group.

    FORBES: Be a Leader, Not a Pollster

  • Weak firms were always likely to go under. (And some stronger ones are still expanding in Britain—witness Honda's announcement this week that it will be producing a new model at its Swindon plant.) More important, the car industry has a totemic status that is out of proportion to its real economic significance.

    ECONOMIST: Hard pounding

  • But the harm they do as a destroyer of habitat, by ripping up corals and sponges, and wrecking the nurseries of fish species that grow very slowly, seems out of proportion to any gain from scraping the ocean floor: one zoologist has compared it to cutting down virgin forests, full of rare species, to collect squirrels.

    ECONOMIST: Marine conservation

  • And, despite their reduced numbers, grammar schools still provide academic success out of all proportion to the number of students they educate.

    ECONOMIST: Grammar schools: Passing the test | The

  • If true, they are out of all proportion to the financial capacity of a country where at least 35% of the population still lives in poverty, despite the government's oil windfall.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela and the United States

  • Although the economic pain that is being inflicted on Russia and the ex-tigers is out of all proportion to the policy errors of their governments, the fact remains that the vulnerability to financial crisis was created not by international speculators and other bogeymen but by woefully inadequate oversight of domestic finance, private, public and quasi-public.

    ECONOMIST: Heading for meltdown? | The

  • First and foremost, the punishment is out of all proportion to the alleged crime.

    ECONOMIST: A big step backward for a still-uncertain democracy

  • In Britain landfills are taxed out of all proportion to the damage they do the environment.

    ECONOMIST: The waste industry

  • Yet fox hunting has generated passions out of all proportion to the numbers concerned.

    ECONOMIST: Animal welfare: Foxed | The

  • The reset has, by this point in time, attracted media attention out of all proportion to its observable real-world impact.

    FORBES: Criticism of Obama's Reset with Russia: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

  • And a lot of them went to ISU, a 13-year-old school in Strasbourg, France, whose influence is out of all proportion to its size.

    FORBES: The Space Mafia

  • China's rage is out of all proportion to the alleged offences.

    ECONOMIST: China

  • Critics on the left are more inclined to complain that pressure groups exaggerate inequalities by giving those better-organised (ie, the rich and powerful) an influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers.


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