• That out of pique, a single senator can hold up all nominations is highly unfortunate.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • But Kennan resigned out of pique when he felt Kennedy had crossed him up by signing a trade bill that stigmatized Yugoslavia.

    NEWYORKER: Getting Real

  • North Korea has since threatened to resume its missile programme, partly out of pique at the suspicious attitude of the new administration.

    ECONOMIST: Bush's Korean scepticism | The

  • Whether state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver doomed the West Side stadium out of political pique at mayoral neglect is beside the point.

    WSJ: New York Stadium Deals: Good and Bad

  • But they can only block him if they can reasonably claim to be acting on political principle, not out of political pique.

    ECONOMIST: A teaspoonful of tax cuts | The

  • In particular, Mr Watanabe reserves his bile for Mr Koizumi partly, perhaps, out of personal pique that the prime minister does not hang on his every word, as predecessors did.

    ECONOMIST: Japan

  • This was further testimony to the Portuguese manager's claims to be "The Special One" as his side's tactics, belief and resolve withstood a home onslaught that saw Barca run out of ideas until Pique's goal.

    BBC: Barcelona 1-0 Inter (agg 2-3)

  • Gerard Pique over-hit a long pass out of defence - which the out-of-sorts Torres was never likely to reach - but Chile goalkeeper and captain Claudio Bravo foolishly raced out of his penalty area to clear unsuccessfully into the path of Villa.

    BBC: Chile 1-2 Spain

  • Barcelona's central defender Gerard Pique had tweeted Saturday that he wanted politics to say out of El Clasico.

    CNN: Messi and Ronaldo ensure honors shared in 222nd El Clasico

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