• Since one is a quantity (of money) goal and the other is a rate (of interest) goal, some fine tuning should be possible.

    FORBES: The Time Has Come To Raise Interest Rates

  • Broadvision (BVSN), Jive Software (JIVE) and Novell (a private company) were other named defendants in the suit.

    FORBES: Just Another Lawsuit Against Facebook.....Maybe Not

  • Marketers buy the ads and then figure out their return on investment based on how many people click on them, "like" them (remember the value of a "like") or take some other action (sign up for a contest, download, etc.).


  • Part of this is due to hopes that Diageo or Pernod-Ricard will make a bid for one or the other (or both) as a way to strengthen their position in the lucrative American whiskey market.

    FORBES: A Hangover In Booze Stocks?

  • Anyone other than a spouse used to get hammered on taxes by inheriting a 401(k): a child, sibling or significant other outside the bounds of marriage.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The rate at which an epidemic spreads to lower-risk groups depends a great deal on whether different groups mate mainly among themselves (assortative mating) or whether they mate a lot with other people (disassortative mating).

    ECONOMIST: A turning-point for AIDS?

  • WiFi connection log, the Unique Device Identifier (U DID), a Media Access Control (MAC) address, or any other identifier unique to a specific device?

    FORBES: Congress Queries Apple, iPhone App Developers About Privacy

  • The discrepancy is partly because China's retail-sales figures include some things they should not (such as government purchases and sales of chemicals and other wholesale goods), and miss out other things (like health care and other services), that are a big part of consumer spending.

    ECONOMIST: At least one of China’s economic imbalances is narrowing

  • Consider annuities if you (a) are in a high tax bracket (b) have exhausted other forms of tax-favored retirement savings, like 401(k)s and IRAs and (c) want to own more bonds, especially corporate bonds.

    FORBES: How The Smart Money Uses Tax-Deferred Annuities

  • If the ownership of a life insurance policy is transferred to another party before death for cash or other consideration (like a business interest), the proceeds paid to the beneficiary may be considered taxable income to that beneficiary.

    FORBES: Taxes From A To Z (2013): L Is For Life Insurance

  • You can fund an HSA account even if you contribute to a 401(k) or other retirement plan and even if your income is too high to fund a deductible IRA. Unlike some retirement plans for small businesses and the self-employed, an HSA can be funded (and deducted from other income) even if you do not show a profit from your business.

    FORBES: Saving for Your Health

  • And along the way we did a few other things. (Laughter.) Along the way we did a few other things.

    WHITEHOUSE: Remarks by the President at a DNC Event

  • He again broke ground with a namesake prize (and other awards) for work that promotes understanding of religious thought in the secular world (hardly a more important topic today, eh?).

    FORBES: Blue-Chip Investment

  • Also of note, the Koreans are attracting a steadily rising number of American and other foreign students (from a low base).

    FORBES: Japan's Continued Retreat From U.S. Classrooms

  • Engaging with the messy complexity of cybersecurity challenges is essential to ensuring that war remains a continuation of politics by other means instead of politics (and every other aspect of daily life) becoming a continuation of war by other means.

    FORBES: Cyber War and the Expanding Definition of War

  • Since many innovations represent a solution to a technical problem, this approach often involved determining other industries (or other situations within the same industry) in which a similar problem arose, and then generalizing the description of the innovation so that it could be used in those other industries or situations.

    FORBES: Old Model: Patents Protect Products. New Model: Patents Themselves Are Products

  • What is important to understand is that if you look at a chart of the various grades next to each other (Try a Google search for it), you will see a discernable difference in the grades.

    FORBES: Kobe Beef Is Back! New Rules Allow Some Japanese Beef In U.S.

  • It would make a lot more sense to allow local voters to finance more school spending (or other spending) with a simple majority vote.

    FORBES: Property Tax Caps and Local Governance

  • But, to the dismay of some anti-abortion campaigners, that change would give a higher priority to the mother's life if she is in danger (other than from a suicide threat) than to a fetus's right to life.

    ECONOMIST: Yet another plebiscite on abortion looms in Ireland

  • He is trained in this delicate art by Sloan (Morgan Freeman), Fox (Angelina Jolie), and a bunch of other killers who have the best interests of the world at heart and, one hopes, their tongues firmly stapled to their cheeks.

    NEWYORKER: Wanted

  • We propose making the other half (7%) contingent on proof of a pension, an IRA, a 401(k) or some other savings account.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Perhaps one of these days, a university (or other institution) will actually try the bold move of distancing itself from a bad apple, absolving itself of blame in the process.

    FORBES: Notre Dame Takes Risk Jumping Into Manti Te'o Saga

  • The other is to join a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, which covers prescription medication and other medical services.

    FORBES: Medicare Open Enrollment Season Is Here

  • What the QD does offer is Bluetooth for syncing and headsets, a large software library including plenty of emulators to play other game ROMs (including GameBoy), a small game-centric phone (that's also easy to text on), and the usual Nokia pluses and minuses.

    ENGADGET: Phone Shopping… Monday? N-Gage QD

  • In a surprisingly sunny suburb of Manchester, two motherless little boys—one pious and generous (Alex Etel), the other enterprising and manipulative (Lewis McGibbon)—gain control of a Nike bag filled with cash after thieves throw it off a moving train.

    NEWYORKER: Millions

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