• And what kind of -- just on the tick-tock issue, what kind of information -- is he being updated by Justice?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Craft tried not to think about his previous misses as he watched the white numbers on the clock tick down and squared up to decide the game.

    NPR: No. 2 Ohio State Beats Iowa State 78-75 On Late 3

  • The SEC's extension Wednesday was silent, however, on the issue of the up-tick rule, which was a rule abolished last year that forced traders to wait for a stock to tick up before shorting it.

    FORBES: Wall Street Crisis

  • Since we launched We the People, our team of developers has been hard at work on the code that makes the whole thing tick.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • Many also want a return of the so-called uptick rule, in which a short sale could only be put on after a tick up in the price of the targeted stock.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But for now, the market seems to see no imminent problem for the economy, in spite of the negative reports this week on consumer sentiment, negative GDP growth, and the tick up in the unemployment rate.

    FORBES: Usually Right, The Market Says No Problem For Economy In Sight

  • There should also be a ban on naked shorting and the up-tick rule needs to return.

    FORBES: June Swoon Coming To Stocks

  • Bigger than an exclusive with Genzyme chief Henri Termeer on why he had to sell, bigger than the most elaborate tick-tock of how the deal got done.

    FORBES: The Best Get On Sanofi-Genz: The Germ

  • We know the morning temperature in Miami, the NASCAR finishes, how to make a decent steak on a grill, the market open and close (and every tick between), even minor tremors as they happen off the coast of Japan.

    FORBES: Learning to Ignore the 'News'

  • Resignation announcements should tick off the outgoing bosses' accomplishments and then focus on their successors' qualifications and plans for the future.

    FORBES: Leadership

  • So what we've asked for is an exemption for those market makers if there is ever a ban on selling short due to a tick test or due to a movement in the marketplace.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing

  • But when I said, well, you know, tell me more, she said, oh, I'm here to support Proposition 8, and essentially started to tick off just about everything you had heard in the Yes on Proposition 8 Campaign's ads: educating school children about gay marriage and even the remarks by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, whether they like it or not.

    NPR: California Gay Leaders Assess Marriage Defeat

  • But figuring out what makes me tick and what I need to perform my best keeps me focused and on the road to success.

    FORBES: Danica Patrick: Discovering What Drives Success

  • Explaining what they do tick by tick on a continuous basis has as much value as trying to come up with a rational explanation why the ball landed on the 9 on the roulette table in Bellagio instead of 10.

    FORBES: No Default As Long As The Fed Has A Printing Press

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