• With this choice, Barak Obama's campaign has committed a strategic error of the first order.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The Democrats' 'soft' jihadist

  • In fact, we could argue that beyond being a promoter of the first order, Trump missed his true calling.

    FORBES: Business Illusionist Donald Trump Perfect For President

  • Her later albums provided consistent evidence that she is a vocalist of the first order, though her songwriting is not always as engaged.

    NEWYORKER: Revelation Road

  • Highsmith's books are page-turners of the first order, reflecting Highsmith's unsparing vision of human nature that makes her a ghoulish treat for grownups.

    FORBES: A dark view

  • Even the old faces being returned to parliament are singing a new tune: many promise, as a matter of the first order, to change the electoral system.

    ECONOMIST: Lebanon

  • On the other hand, chronic anxiety is a life-destroyer of the first order, and is at least as big a risk factor for suicide as is depression.

    CNN: What are the long-term brain effects of Xanax?

  • For sure, she was a star of the first order and it was in part to hear her speak that I traveled to Memphis for a Morgan Keegan conference.

    FORBES: My Lunch With Lady Margaret Thatcher

  • He was a gentleman of the first order, inspiring in his subordinates unflagging loyalty and deep affection and in his adversaries - foreign and domestic - genuine, if often grudging, respect.


  • Israel was defeated, a debacle of the first order.

    FORBES: An Inspiration and a Regret

  • Another problem is the prospect that the present bill may clear the way for patents to be issued for inventions of human organisms - a moral and ethical concern of the first order.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Will the GOP Pull a 'Pelosi' on Patent Rights?

  • One of the few convictions that still unifies national security strategists across the ideological spectrum is that it would be a global calamity of the first order if al-Qaida gets its hands on nuclear weapons.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The Pakistani dilemma

  • But, if Republicans use their position of strength to fight for economic growth as the key to both the revenue and spending side of the budget, they will have secured a strategic win of the first order.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The possibility that their influence may be helping to shape U.S. policy in ways that increasingly align it with the demands, ambitions and goals of the Brotherhood and other Islamists is a national security problem of the first order.


  • For all the other solutions it offers, though, there can be no question that number inflation in itself now poses a global challenge of the first order, displacing, for instance, global warming (a mirage created by the subtle devaluation of numbers on thermometers).

    ECONOMIST: Poisson: More is more | The

  • The key danger, in my view, lies in the possibility that the same court will insist that the Equal Protection Clause requires the adoption of some antidiscrimination laws to protect gays, which I would regard as a historical blunder of the first order.

    FORBES: What hidden perils await her on the Court.

  • The first four U.S. golfers out had all played well so far in the Ryder Cup. (The really big question is whether Tiger could have made a difference coming out somewhere in the first half of the order).

    FORBES: 10 Reasons Why The U.S. Lost The Ryder Cup

  • There cannot be many editors of furnishing mags who have the Finnish Order of the Lion, first class.

    ECONOMIST: Elizabeth Gordon

  • Now, the House has passed a jobs bill that includes some of these steps. (Applause.) As the first order of business this year, I urge the Senate to do the same, and I know they will. (Applause.) They will. (Applause.) People are out of work.

    WHITEHOUSE: The 2010 State of the Union Address

  • The establishment of any solution capable of meeting the aforementioned first-order condition would likely result in enough success that the security product itself would become the subject of material direct attack, including by state actors.

    FORBES: Written by David Lowenstein and Risu Na

  • The reaction of Singapore Airlines, the first to place a large order for super-jumbos, is a reflection of the crisis facing Airbus.

    ECONOMIST: Airbus��s jumbo-sized problem threatens the firm��s future

  • It's highly unlikely that the Whitehall mandarinate is going to be willing to give Carwyn Jones a free hand in appointing Dame Gillian's successor anyway, which means there is always the potential for the UK Civil Service to install one of their own to keep the First Minister in order, as they might see it, in terms of his attacks on the UK Government.

    BBC: The hunt for a new 'Sir Humphrey'

  • Key Democrats still share the goal of the president's executive order signed in the first days of the new administration demanding the detention center be shut down next January.

    CNN: Henry: Obama tries to get back on offense

  • Fielden admitted to having itchy feet as he sat out last Saturday's 18-18 draw against the Maori after he arrived four days later than the rest of the squad in order to attend the birth of his first child.

    BBC: England's Sam Tomkins fit to face New Zealand

  • The draft lottery, which determines the order of the first 14 teams drafting in the June 28 draft, will be held in New York Wednesday night and will be televised.

    CNN: NBA draft lottery could help Michael Jordan

  • The second objective, reverse the momentum, break the momentum of the Taliban in order to service the first.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The first Latin American Pope - and the first from the fiercely independent order of Jesuits - the former archbishop of Buenos Aires chose the name of Francis after St Francis of Assisi, the 13th-Century Italian reformer, who spurned a life of luxury to live in poverty.

    BBC: Pope Francis calls for evangelism drive

  • After inspecting the damage to the disks, the first order of business was to get them back in the right cases.

    FORBES: Is Your Job Still Playing on CDs?

  • When he touches down in Israel, his first stop on the tour, the first order of business will be to continue negotiations for Palestinian statehood.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Part of his popularity flows from being one of the first Westerners to be initiated into the secretive Juna order of monks, the largest of the 13 powerful sects that control religious affairs at the Kumbh festival.

    BBC: The foreign Hindu monks at India's Kumbh Mela

  • For the second Test in a row Strauss's bowlers tore through Australia's top order in the first hour of the match, retained their composure through a middle-order rally, and bowled them out for less than 300 inside the first day.

    BBC: Ashes: Chris Tremlett puts England in command

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