• Management procedures and policies leading to the sustainability of coastal and ocean environment and resources.

    UNESCO: Building the Wealth of Nations

  • Others worry about the effects on the ocean environment.

    ECONOMIST: On the beach

  • Blue-green economies are an important means to achieve what sustainable development ultimately aims at: the wellbeing of people while respecting the environment, including ocean and water-related aspects.

    UNESCO: Indigenous Peoples

  • However such a thorough economic valuation of the costs of climate change on the marine environment, specifically with regard to ocean acidification, had not been undertaken.


  • Metagenomics takes another approach, basically putting an entire environment--the water in an ocean, the soil in a forest or the insides of an animal--into a DNA sequencer.

    FORBES: Can Genomics Save The Bees?

  • The first Polynesian voyagers used indigenous scientific astronomical knowledge, harnessing the night sky and the environment to guide them across 162 million square kilometres of ocean.

    UNESCO: Mata Ora : The Living Knowledge 2009

  • Besides supporting scientific research, Tara Oceans and UNESCO-IOC will work together to promote ocean education and public awareness on the crucial role our ocean play in global warming and to encourage sustainable management of the environment.

    UNESCO: Tara Oceans Expedition: Call in New York.

  • These include increasing social disparities and inequity, population growth, climate change, the deterioration and pollution of the environment, the unsustainable use of freshwater and depletion of ocean resources, as well as increasing cases of natural and human-made disasters.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • Resort pioneer James Baillie opened Southern Ocean Lodge four years ago offering dramatic but low impact on the environment architecture and equally dramatic views of the surrounding cliffs and waves crashing ashore. (Riding those waves while I was there assorted dolphins.) All rooms face those ocean views, which become almost mesmerizing in winter, with storms rolling in as you sit by the living room fireplace staring out.

    FORBES: Australia Ups Its Luxury Level With Posh Hotels And Nature Retreats

  • Unlike other ocean technologies, generating power through osmosis doesn't involve operating in the harsh environment of, say, a deep sea operation.

    FORBES: Getting Power From Salty Water

  • But the true meaning of the Anthropocene is that we have affected nearly every aspect of our environment from a warming atmosphere to the bottom of an acidifying ocean.

    FORBES: On The Anthropocene Age

  • And in Florida, Ocean Boy Farms claims to be able to produce a marine shrimp that does not pollute the environment.

    ECONOMIST: Fish farming

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