• But in Georgia's revolution last year, Mr Shevardnadze bowed to the inevitable and stepped down after it had begun to look doubtful if his security forces would obey any order to crush the rising pro-democracy protests.

    ECONOMIST: Is Ukraine set for conflict or compromise? | The

  • The commander of Russia's forces in Chechnya, General Vladimir Shamanov, has said publicly that he and his top colleagues would resign rather than obey an order to stop the war.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and its generals

  • Unless Libya moves swiftly to obey this morning's order of the ICC to halt the domestic prosecution of Mr. Al-Senussi, and hand him over to the ICC immediately, Libya will before long become a pariah state, subject to U.N. sanctions.

    CNN: ICC orders Libya to hand over Gadhafi's former spy chief

  • He said police asked him to stay away from the rest of the Leveson Inquiry and he intended to obey that order.

    BBC: Protester enters Leveson court room

  • Markingson was acutely psychotic when he was placed under an involuntary commitment order that legally compelled him to obey the treatment recommendations of his psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Olson.

    CNN: Bring medical misdeeds into the light

  • The charges, which the mayor denies, stem from the city government's failure in 2001 to obey a court order to halt construction of an access road to a private hospital.

    ECONOMIST: The race is on | The

  • This week, the Army arrested one of its Muslim chaplains, Captain James Yee, charging him with five offenses: sedition, aiding the enemy, spying, espionage and failure to obey a general order.


  • Al Halabi was charged with 11 counts of failing to obey a lawful general order or regulation, three counts of aiding the enemy, four counts of espionage, nine counts of making a false statement and five counts that include violations of the Federal Espionage Act.

    CNN: Airman charged with espionage at Guantanamo

  • The European Commission has given Microsoft a formal warning for failing to obey an order to give customers a choice of internet browsers.

    BBC: Microsoft hit with formal warning on browser choice from EU

  • The laws require robots to protect humans, obey orders and preserve themselves, in that order.

    ECONOMIST: Robot ethics

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