• "It doesn't look like it made quite the splash it did last year, " said Jaime Arbona, who watched the keynote on video before wandering down to the show to nose around the booths.

    FORBES: Jobs Fails To Wow At Macworld

  • But normally, save for the odd urban explorer or raver illegally slipping onto the tracks for a nose around or a dance, this eerie world of shadows and ghosts has been all but forgotten.

    BBC: Reawakening the Underground

  • But what I see again and again is that people are proud of their pets, proud of the way that they run, proud of how they nose around with the other dogs, proud that they are brave enough to go into the water or smart enough to stay out of it.

    NPR: 'Dog is My Co-Pilot'

  • The idea is to use the scarf to cover your mouth and nose when around others who may be ill, or to sneeze into it so pathogens will be killed instead of lingering to infect others, the site recommends.

    WSJ: Keeping Cold and Flu Germs Out

  • In recent months leading wildlife experts have called for people to be more careful with their litter after a basking shark was filmed with plastic around its nose and a grey seal was photographed with plastic around its throat near Kitterland.

    BBC: Manx beach clean collects record amount of rubbish

  • Instead, health workers should switch to N95 respirators that form an airtight seal around the nose and mouth.

    CNN: Report on handling H1N1 cases: Use masks with airtight seals

  • Scientists say GermBana's scarf or any scarf would likely reduce exposure to pathogens if it covers the nose and mouth while around sick people.

    WSJ: Keeping Cold and Flu Germs Out

  • Mr Betondi claimed he was told by doctors at Northwick Park Hospital in north-west London he had fractured his nose and some of the bones around his eye and urgently needed reconstructive surgery.

    BBC: UK

  • By the end of the evening two eyebrows have appeared, and a little flesh around the bridge of my nose.

    ECONOMIST: The view of a man who sat for him

  • Some rubber tubes were stuck into my nose and mouth, belts were wrapped around my chest and waist, and an oxygen monitor that emitted an eerie red glow was taped to my index finger.

    NEWYORKER: Up All Night

  • "Traditionally, when you went to Wal-Mart, the exercise was to hold your nose for about 45 seconds while you ran around and got what you needed, " Husson says.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart Goes Upscale

  • I've been wanting to read Don DeLillo's Underworld all year - but not enough to tempt me into trudging around town to find it and then pay through the nose.


  • America, meanwhile, has again been showing around documents that purport to be Iranian design work on a missile nose-cone of a sort that that could carry a nuclear warhead.

    ECONOMIST: Will Russia help, or just get in the way?

  • When she tried them later, she came around a bit, but spent more time saying the silicone grippers pinched her nose than reveling in the potential future applications of such technology.

    ENGADGET: Living with Google Glass, Day Two: Around the House

  • Sniffing these scents frequently, around four to six times each day, will eventually spark different receptors in the nose to work.

    WSJ: How to Sharpen Your Sense of Smell

  • So, unless the economy really nose-dives, I suspect the Fed will allow the market system to function normally this time around, allowing economic growth to slow if that is its inclination, and the stock market to adjust to that, without government interference.

    FORBES: A New Idea For Bernanke: Leave The Economy Alone

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