• Only this week, a flurry of American businessmen turned up in Havana to nose about for opportunities in case which is unlikely the United States should soon decide to end its trade embargo on Cuba.


  • Illumina, located further south in San Diego, hopes to have a commercial version of the optical nose ready about a year later.

    ECONOMIST: Wine-tasting will never be the same again

  • "Traditionally, when you went to Wal-Mart, the exercise was to hold your nose for about 45 seconds while you ran around and got what you needed, " Husson says.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart Goes Upscale

  • The poles are about nose height to give the skier more contact time with the snow surface and more power.

    WSJ: For Skiers Looking for More Cardio: Skating on Snow

  • When you read how serious it was, I mean striking a girl and breaking her nose and messing about like that, we didn't realise the severity of what was happening here.

    BBC: Wigan to sack jailed striker King

  • And he thumbs his nose north: Asked about renewing a U.S. military base lease, he advised reporters that one for Ecuador in Miami might give Americans a similar taste of foreign boots.

    FORBES: Chavistas in Quito

  • After that, the study subjects were quarantined for six days and given cold-virus-containing nose drops at a dose about 125 times the amount that it takes to infect cells in a laboratory.

    CNN: Study: Can more sleep help fight off colds?

  • Grayson talks about hiring a "nose" to sniff the new notes.

    FORBES: Breaking a Sweat

  • The court was told Milly had been called "big nose" and other names and was sensitive about her nostrils.

    BBC: Milly Dowler suffered 'bullying over looks'

  • Which is good news if you're paranoid about swapping germs with all the other nose-pickers passing through security.


  • For many years parking meters held no fear for Cruzians because a clown, wearing rainbow-striped pants, a wig and a big red nose would drop coins, gratis, into meters about to expire.

    FORBES: Booby Prize

  • Nixon is shown before television cameras just before he was to go on the air and tell the nation he was resigning, and he made an uncomfortable joke to journalists about the cameras catching him picking his nose.

    NPR: Discovery Documentary Revisits Watergate Movie

  • For example, one actor inquired about surgery to reduce the size of his nose (rhinoplasty).

    BBC: Concern over cosmetic surgery clinics

  • Serious about snacks, they're apt to nose into your pockets if you're slow to produce them.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Dog Days'

  • Anyway, now he has been issued a subpoena by the justice department to tell what he knows about the massive doping scheme run seemingly right under his nose.

    FORBES: Lance And Oprah Sittin' In A Tree

  • Prices of RNF shares moved higher by about 50% from August to February, but have nose dived since then as the higher price of natural gas has begun to finally take its toll.

    FORBES: Surging Natural Gas Prices Takes Toll On Rentech

  • Calls tweeted included a woman who was bleeding from the nose after an assault in the street in Littlehampton and a report about a brother and sister assaulting each other in St Leonards.

    BBC: Sussex Police tweets

  • "The Fed can't wink, scratch its nose, wiggle its ears or do anything that would signal they are about to change policy from what they are doing now, " says Brian Bethune, an economics professor at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass.

    NPR: Fed Likely To Stick With Low-Rate Stance This Week

  • "It's wonderful not to have to think about glasses and the inconvenience of trying to balance them on my nose, " he said.

    BBC: Thalidomide poses new challenges

  • But with his own plane in a near-vertical, nose-down dive, the pilot and his crew had little time to think about the fate of the Chinese pilot.

    CNN: 'We did it right'

  • For a recent example of volatility in China itself, just look at Baidu, which suffered a nose-bleeding 42% plunge its shares during one stretch last year on worries about new competition.

    FORBES: The Next Jack Ma Is Out There, Too

  • Many parents don't think twice about straightening their kids' crooked teeth but stop short of fixing a crooked nose, and yet, in just the past seven years, plastic surgery performed on teens has doubled.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Brainteaser

  • It was quite an enjoyable bump, but outside of that one moment, and the first season of "Friends" (which I actually got a kick out of until I developed a powerful urge to swat David Schwimmer across the nose with a rolled-up newspaper), I haven't thought too much about Jennifer Aniston.

    CNN: Not nearly a 'Perfect' picture, but agreeable

  • The incubation period is usually about two weeks, and early symptoms are a raised temperature, cough, runny nose, and red and watery eyes.

    BBC: James Cook Hospital measles alert

  • There was something different about the face of this man, a big forehead, gray hair, a flat nose, a few missing teeth, and small desperate eyes.

    FORBES: Santa Arrived Too Late

  • You may or may not give a hoot about clothes, but it's hard not to celebrate the values of monumental, nose-to-the-sewing-machine hard work that stand behind the flamboyance.

    FORBES: Editor's Note

  • About half the rockets suffer some kind of catastrophic failure in the air, usually when a nose cone fails to separate properly or the parachute doesn't deploy.

    FORBES: "Let's Punch A Hole In the Sky"

  • About 43 percent of the volunteers had signs of infection plus cold symptoms, such as a stuffy nose, cough, and sore throat.

    CNN: Study: Can more sleep help fight off colds?

  • That is why, rather than reacting to each thing in front of their nose in a random fashion, CEOs derive a single abstract strategy from an analysis of all the information available about the company, the market, the suppliers, and the competitive and economic environments, organized toward a single purpose: Maximization of long-term shareholder wealth.

    FORBES: The War Against Big Banks Is A War Against Your Mind

  • Questions abound about I'll Have Another (12-1), who beat Creative Cause only by a nose in the Santa Anita Derby.

    WSJ: Kentucky Derby: How to Eliminate 19 Horses

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