• Satisfied that Microcyn was effective and nontoxic, the institute tested the solution on patients with diabetic foot ulcers.

    FORBES: Holy Water

  • They welcomed, however, the assistance of liberal activists in their campaign for a safe, nontoxic environment.

    CNN: When helping Earth was women's work

  • According to Joan Clayburgh of Californians for Pesticide Reform, nontoxic pest-control options are often overlooked.

    CNN: Children face danger in the schoolyard grass from pesticides

  • He showed in 2002 that feeding hamsters nontoxic bacteria was 90% effective at holding off the bad C. difficile strains.

    FORBES: Germ Warfare

  • ViroPharma's idea is to give large doses of the nontoxic version to crowd out its deadly cousins.

    FORBES: Our Germs, Ourselves

  • Although the fumes are considered nontoxic for inhalation, we try to keep the odor out of the cabin regardless.

    CNN: Airplane deicing: The how and why

  • But ViroPharma, a small Pennsylvania company, is developing a nontoxic strain of Clostridium difficile to help treat hospital infections.

    FORBES: Our Germs, Ourselves

  • So she founded The Honest Company which offers monthly deliveries of nontoxic diapers and cleaning products to busy moms.

    FORBES: The New Celebrity Perk: Investing In and Launching Startup Companies

  • Yet there's more here than meets the ear -- casual tenderness, nontoxic sadness and unlikely romance, all couched in jaunty humor.

    WSJ: Performance Lifts 'Same Moon'

  • Enter Aquion Energy, a new battery company that uses nontoxic aqueous hybrid ion (AHI) chemistry to produce large-scale battery storage for renewable energy.

    FORBES: 4 Cool Tech Ideas Helping the Planet

  • They hoped to design a new type of nontoxic therapy that could halt the growth of cancer, rendering it a chronic disease like diabetes.

    FORBES: Cover Story

  • In a nifty piece of atomic surgery, Howard removed the skeleton and replaced it with a novel nontoxic structure, while retaining the two crucial good ends.

    FORBES: A Quick Lift for the Blues

  • Eclipse, which is meant to be sprayed on apples, cherries and other fruit four to ten times a season, is made with microcrystalline calcium carbonate--the nontoxic white powder that's on the outside of chewing gum.

    FORBES: The Ozone Solution

  • Take a look at the geniuses behind Aquion Energy, a startup that invented a special kind of nontoxic battery that acts as a energy storage solution for products that rely on sunlight to produce energy.

    FORBES: Green Living In America's "Steel City"

  • Other resource-efficient projects like New York's 4 Times Square office building, Atlanta's EarthCraft House and Village Habitat Design's cohousing conservation communities include such innovations as energy-efficient insulation, water and air filtration, or hydronic heating, aiming for healthy, nontoxic construction processes and buildings for humans and the environment.

    CNN: Developer advocates 'spiritual' approach to building

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