• The strikers have also taken advantage of the government's willingness to indulge nationalist sentiment.

    ECONOMIST: China's labour market

  • Yet some suspect him of pandering to nationalist sentiment in the run-up to elections in June.

    ECONOMIST: The prime minister looks on a city��s works, and despairs

  • If the nationalist sentiment does grow, it could play directly into the hands of Indonesia's armed forces.

    ECONOMIST: Friend or foe in East Timor

  • Although this inflamed nationalist sentiment, it pushed the national carrier's management and employees back to the negotiating table.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

  • He was a French aristocrat who wanted the Olympics to transcend nationalist sentiment.

    FORBES: The Olympics Help Republicans

  • On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu rejected suggestions that the government was stirring up nationalist sentiment among Chinese.

    NPR: Olympic Torch Relay Chaotic in San Francisco

  • Nationalist sentiment has sometimes flared, but the prospect of losing economic aid from Paris has tempered public support for independence.

    BBC: Martinique profile

  • Russia and Canada, the two biggest Arctic countries by area, have encouraged this fear: the Arctic stirs fierce nationalist sentiment in both.

    ECONOMIST: The melting north | The

  • Catalonia has its own flag and language -- Catalan -- and various analysts say the economic crisis has brought long-simmering nationalist sentiment to the forefront.

    CNN: Ruling party in Catalonia region loses seats in parliament

  • With nationalist sentiment rising, a hawkish chief of staff taking over in August and parliamentary elections due in 2007, Mr Erdogan cannot yield to the Greek-Cypriots.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey and Cyprus

  • Most important, the SNP's ultimate aim Scottish independence was a non-issue in the Glasgow East campaign, so the result cannot be interpreted as a surge of nationalist sentiment.

    ECONOMIST: British politics

  • China's leaders, under pressure from rising nationalist sentiment stoked by the recent violence in Tibet, are unlikely to make big concessions on issues touching on questions of sovereignty.

    ECONOMIST: China and Taiwan

  • Mindful of nationalist sentiment at home, Turkey decided to issue a declaration, after signing the protocol, that it would recognise Cyprus only after a comprehensive settlement for the whole island was reached.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey and the European Union

  • Nationalist sentiment will otherwise balloon out of control.

    ECONOMIST: By invitation: Iraq

  • This is a reference to the fact that nationalist sentiment over the wars in former Yugoslavia remains strong, with many ordinary Croats opposed to the UN war crimes tribunal's prosecutions of Croat fighters whom they hail as war heroes.

    BBC: Pope's visit dominates Croatian press

  • Leaving aside the fact that Scottish North Sea oil has subsidised Westminster governments since 1979 (and that the true extent of oil reserves was deliberately hidden from the Scottish public, for fear of inflaming nationalist sentiment), you ignore the significance of Scotland's low population density.

    ECONOMIST: Taking aim

  • Several senators are swayed by arguments of nationalist and populist sentiment.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

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