• It was made worse after 1973 when Mr Mobutu began to nationalise mines and industries.

    ECONOMIST: The last days of Mobutu

  • The protest leaders also want to nationalise Bolivia's oil and gas industry and convene a constituent assembly.

    ECONOMIST: Bolivia

  • The most extreme and, in some ways, the most attractive option would be temporarily to nationalise the banks.

    ECONOMIST: Japan's banks

  • When Labour came to power, he wished naturally to persuade them to nationalise more industries and redistribute wealth.

    ECONOMIST: Lord Scanlon of Davyhulme

  • The Obama administration's decision not to nationalise the banks is presented as prima facie evidence of the oligarchs' power.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis and the future of regulation

  • For the same reason, they have resisted calls simply to nationalise the banks.

    ECONOMIST: The treasury secretary is torn between politics and policy

  • Mr Obama faced calls to nationalise the weakened banks and force them to lend, or to let them fail.

    ECONOMIST: Barack Obama’s economic record

  • Even Argentina has joined in, ignoring threats of reprisals to nationalise a Spanish-owned oil company, YPF (see article).

    ECONOMIST: Spain and the euro

  • Bolivia's new president, Evo Morales, swept to power in December promising to nationalise the country's oil and gas industry.

    ECONOMIST: Farewell to the apertura petrolera | The

  • De Beers operates in some tricky countries: Angola is unstable and South Africa has politicians who would love to nationalise its mines.

    ECONOMIST: Diamonds

  • This raises the possibility that Mr Bush will nationalise the blame for educational failure without nationalising the means to eliminate that failure.

    ECONOMIST: The education president (Part 2)

  • But this would effectively nationalise private debts, hardly a desirable outcome.

    ECONOMIST: East Asia

  • However, the government announced in April that it would nationalise YPF.

    ECONOMIST: Politics in Argentina

  • Officials insist that plans to nationalise the telecommunications and electricity industries, announced last month, will not trigger a fall in tax revenues, though opponents doubt that.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • In 1990 Mario Vargas Llosa, one of Latin America's foremost novelists, enraged by a government attempt to nationalise his country's banks, cast aside his pen and threw himself into politics.

    ECONOMIST: Jaime Bayly’s breath of fresh air

  • Successive governments did indeed nationalise too widely, interfere too much, overtax people and run stop-go policies—but they were not so much worse than governments in other, more successful countries such as France or Italy.

    ECONOMIST: British industrial decline

  • Finance ministers from the G20 killed off a proposal for a global bank levy after strong opposition to the idea from several nations, led by Canada, which has not had to nationalise its financial companies.

    ECONOMIST: Business this week

  • During his brief stint in office, he has concentrated relentlessly on honouring his four big campaign promises: a debt moratorium for farmers, investment funds directed at the village level, cheap new health services and a centralised agency to nationalise and clean up corporate debts.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand

  • At the same time, much-needed foreign investors are being frightened away by Mr Mugabe's repeated threats to nationalise British and American companies and force other foreign-owned firms to sell a majority stake to black Zimbabweans—at a price apparently to be set by the government—by the end of September.

    ECONOMIST: Zimbabwe

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