• It is no longer the arrogant leviathan that would crush you like a bug for competing with it, or, in my case, for writing nasty things about it.

    FORBES: The Laptop Lament

  • Sometimes I have to recommend that the registered person consult with a legal malpractice lawyer because it is apparent that they were inadequately counseled about this nasty wrinkle — and in some cases it turns out that the lawyer was unfamiliar with this statutory disqualification issue.

    FORBES: FINRA Says Stockbroker Willfully Failed To Disclose Bankruptcy

  • Silvio Berlusconi stopped a recent programme because it was too nasty about the government.

    ECONOMIST: Don't blame Wolfowitz

  • ECB's extravagance sparked fears that it knew about a nasty problem in European banking.

    ECONOMIST: A liquidity squeeze

  • Democrats we can call the Fomenting Unrest Party (FUP-Blue) as it goes about the nasty business of stirring up race resentment and inciting class warfare through identity politics and redistribution, all calculated to expand the administrative welfare-police state to shrink-wrap all of human existence.

    FORBES: The Grand Old Party Is The Fixing-The-Unfixable Party

  • There is a lot of room for uncertainty about how exactly it will play out, but not a lot of room for doubt about this: it will get nasty.

    FORBES: Demographics Are Against Social Security

  • With almost no hope left, the nation turned to Winston Churchill, the one man who had spoken the truth for years, saying nasty things about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, even though it cost him in terms of political success and personal reputation.

    FORBES: Connect

  • So to find the government crying national sovereignty about Chiapas is no surprise, especially if it has been up to some nasty things there that foreign meddlers might notice—as it has.

    ECONOMIST: Fortress Mexico | The

  • The case is interesting not only because it highlights a nasty little conflict that mass-tort lawyers would prefer not to talk about.

    FORBES: Nextel Labor Settlement Was Great Deal For Lawyers, If Not Their Clients

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