• Residents proudly call the narrow strip of prosperity along the canal a Latin American Singapore.

    ECONOMIST: The Panama Canal

  • This area includes the disputed Posavina corridor, a narrow strip of land that Serbs now control.

    CNN: Bosnia divided before and after the war

  • Overhung by a cliff face studded with giant stalactites, the water is illuminated by a narrow strip of sunlight overhead.

    BBC: Livin�� la vida Bonito

  • Shore: narrow strip of land in immediate contact with the sea.


  • "As of mid-March, only a narrow strip of shelf ice was protecting several thousand kilometers of potential further break-up, " the group said.

    CNN: Massive ice shelf on verge of breakup

  • Meanwhile, Gaza's other neighbour, Israel, still launches incursions to enforce a buffer-zone inside the narrow strip and to keep it locked down.

    ECONOMIST: The Gaza Strip

  • Dozens of mining companies are trawling the narrow strip of land abutting its 44, 087-kilometre coastline for diamonds, gold and rubies and possibly more exotic treasures.

    ECONOMIST: Oil in Greenland

  • Arizona also claims the third-fastest road: Route 77, which follows a narrow strip of green terrain alongside the San Pedro River as it winds through the desert.


  • Trieste is in a geographic cul-de-sac, with the Adriatic Sea to the south and west, Slovenia to the east and a narrow strip of land connecting it to the rest of Italy.

    WSJ: Italian Soccer Team Employs Fake Fans

  • There were graves but hardly what could be called a churchyard: no more than a narrow strip of land beside a path close to the church itself, running all the way around it.

    NEWYORKER: Faith

  • But the battle here appears to be deadlocked, with the rebels pinned down by Col Gaddafi's rockets, and unable to make any significant advances across the narrow strip of open land that separates the two sides.

    BBC: Libya: Misrata's terrifying routine

  • On either side of the river, however, running down the valley, there is a narrow strip of wheat fields and poppy fields, and for several weeks in the spring the poppies bloom: lovely, open-petalled white, pink, red, and magenta blossoms, the darker colors indicating the ones with the most opium.

    NEWYORKER: The Taliban��s Opium War

  • Taking their cue from a line in which one of the characters describes the Porters' one-room flat as "a very narrow strip of plain hell, " they have built a flat black wall five feet from the lip of the theater's stage, creating a claustrophobically narrow playing area in which the action takes place.

    WSJ: Look Back in Anger | Still Angry After All These Years | Theater Review by Terry Teachout

  • It takes around 45 minutes to make a full circuit of the island by motorcycle, and the road is a narrow concrete strip less than two metres across, shared between motorbikes, bicycles, pedestrians, livestock and hoards of giggling children.

    BBC: Take the boat out of Bangkok

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