• Another recommended driving nails through plywood, then laying the plywood around the hive, nail-side up.

    NEWYORKER: Stung

  • In 2005, the TSA changed its policies to allow passengers to carry on airplanes small scissors, knitting needles, tweezers, nail clippers and up to four books of matches.

    NPR: TSA To Allow Small Knives, Bats, Clubs On Planes

  • Communal showers, changing-rooms and saunas are perfect breeding-grounds for the highly infectious fungi that spread foot and nail infection: up to 1, 500 fungally infected skin fragments per square metre have been found in some leisure facilities.

    ECONOMIST: Fancy footwork

  • But the Scarlets crossed for two tries in as many minutes to set up a nail-biting finish.

    BBC: Cardiff Blues 19-15 Scarlets

  • Sian was told to sit in the anchor's seat and did so, wearing a borrowed (man's) jacket, no make-up and blue nail-varnish!

    BBC: News - Breakfast - Sian Williams

  • Many carry out elaborate mental exercises, building entire houses in their heads, board by board, nail by nail, from the ground up, or memorizing team rosters for a baseball season.

    NEWYORKER: Hellhole

  • Above all, the sight of a made-up story about Europe should inspire the Commission boss to a desire to nail it, right now, before it gets picked up elsewhere.

    ECONOMIST: European politics

  • They carried on into the 2006 war with Israel, and then flared up again in a nail-biting contest between delicately balanced factions, each pushed by foreign powers with regional ambitions, that only subsided following elections last year.

    ECONOMIST: Two writers unpick Lebanon��s complexities

  • If this ends up being the proverbial nail in the coffin for any of these banks it will come with a heavy dose of painful iron because the U.S. government that bailed them out just three years ago may send them back on the path toward failure.

    FORBES: Banks Face Painful New Mortgage Lawsuits, U.S. May Seek Up To $30 Billion In Losses

  • Poochie's reputation for creating hot nails has drawn customers and fellow nail techs from across the United States and the Caribbean at a time when mainstream America is catching up with Europe and Asia in embracing elaborate forms of nail decor.

    CNN: On main street and the runway, nail art is the new lipstick

  • This is shaping up to be an even more nail-biting week for the chancellor than we already thought.

    BBC: Borrowing: is it up or is it down?

  • Hard to find any nail-biting about a cold winter propping up already higher-than-normal gas prices at Energen Corp (nyse: EGN - news - people ).

    FORBES: The Best Of The Best

  • To test this idea, Dr Hebets turned to her make-up bag and brought out two shades of nail varnish (NailSlicks, midnight metal and bronze ice, as her paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences quite properly describes in its materials and methods section, in case any other researcher wishes to replicate the experiment).

    ECONOMIST: Female spiders are picky lovers

  • These are the nail salons, dry cleaners, and shoe repair shops that make up a very large but completely fragmented market.

    FORBES: Radius: How Facebook's Youngest Hire Is Tackling The Local Data Problem

  • But what the skier cares about is not did you see me sack up and go big rather: did I nail my grab and look stylish and, most importantly, was it something no one has ever before.

    FORBES: Waiting For Lightning: A Deep Peek At A $658 Billion Dollar Market

  • Van Vleet scored 12 points as the Shockers (30-8) followed up last week's win over top-ranked Gonzaga with a nail-biting victory over the second-seeded Buckeyes (29-8), whose 11-game winning streak ended one game short of their second straight Final Four.

    NPR: Wichita State Upsets OSU 70-66 For Final Four Trip

  • And then begins the nail-biting time--the hours or days before you get in for a follow-up evaluation.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • With about 4 percent of people already willing to give up Facebook because of the qualms I listed above, bigger ads may well be the nail in the coffin for many users.

    FORBES: More Facebook Ads Are Coming, Your Friends Will Finally Hit Delete

  • She called security the essential "building block" of the agreement the administration is trying to nail down and said "there has to be a lot of effort" by the Palestinians to back up promises to combat terrorism.

    CNN: Middle East peace talks begin in Maryland

  • It offered to nail down the Middle East problem and scour Otari's phone bills for cost-cutting changes that could save up to 30%.

    FORBES: Dialing for Dollars

  • Here are the four of us we all grew up in the same boring suburb of Dublin: I am the fat, jokey one with the flaking nail polish, though it is always interesting flaking polish, like mirror silver or navy blue.

    NEWYORKER: Natalie

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