• But he stumbles in explaining the medieval split between East and West over mysticism.

    ECONOMIST: A history of Christianity

  • Mysticism of a different kind is at the heart of a new study of Lourdes.

    ECONOMIST: Christian believers

  • Why not add a bit of mysticism to the dry business of spreadsheets and business plans?

    FORBES: The Internet Mystic

  • Mysticism aside, it takes more than a drummer and composer to give Oracle its power.

    NPR: Kendrick Scott: Consulting the Jazz 'Oracle'

  • Well, this bit of mysticism comes down to an engine that has been rethought.

    FORBES: The Audi S Line: Fast First Drive

  • But, in truth, its approach is essentially pragmatic and long ago parted company with the violent mysticism of northern republicanism.

    ECONOMIST: Northern Ireland

  • The sobriety that he prizes in art he defends both against Romanticism and mysticism and against the animal excitement of mass culture.

    ECONOMIST: Essays

  • Religious revivalism, much of it inclined towards magic and mysticism, is sweeping through poor, largely Sephardic (oriental) areas of the big cities.

    ECONOMIST: First-and second-class Jews | The

  • While other Asylum artists were writing songs about peaceful easy feelings, Judee Sill was grappling with thornier issues: Christian mysticism, theosophy and the occult.

    NPR: Judee Sill's Posthumous 'Dreams'

  • Think outlaw biker romanticism (Marlon Brando in The Wild One), the proto-American exuberance of the bracket-race circuit, the silent noir mysticism of immobile cars in lonely fields.

    FORBES: To Do: Eric Firestone Opens 'Parts And Service' In East Hampton

  • Controls are still imprecise and frustrating, the combat is improved but still muddy, and the plot is still hampered by a commitment to bizarre techno-mysticism and modern-day nonsense.

    FORBES: Assassin's Creed 3 Review: An Epic, Vicious, and Flawed History

  • As for Tyutchev's verses, familiar to him since he studied Russian culture and literature at Yale and Oxford, they evoke a mysticism which has no place in diplomacy.

    ECONOMIST: Strobe Talbott, deliverer of Russia | The

  • Scholars like Mr Segal, and Britain's Margaret Barker, have shown that many teachings of Paul, who fashioned Christianity into a world religion, can hardly be understood without reference to Temple mysticism.

    ECONOMIST: Christians and Jews

  • Of course, the Irish predict the end of the world every time it rains and their roots in mysticism, shape shifting, and consulting oracles make the Mayans seem like babes in the woods.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Thus, while Christian teaching draws deeply on the mysticism in the religion of Israel, the modern expression of Judaism has been influenced by patterns of thought which come from the secular or post-Christian West.

    ECONOMIST: Christians and Jews

  • Of course, any mention of religion inside the palace of effete secularism would have raised eyebrows, but Ahmadinejad's fire and brimstone must have been particularly confusing to those unaccustomed with the finer points of myopic Shi'ite mysticism.


  • He has led workshops in leadership and organizational development for business and healthcare leaders as well as more common fare for a theologian covering biblical studies, spirituality, mysticism, and ministry for churches, religious communities, clergy, hospitals and chaplains.

    FORBES: Learning Leadership from a New Perspective

  • Ms Wolf also has a habit of stretching concepts past their breaking point—such as her theory that women are more prone to mysticism than men, owing to the fact that they are capable of producing more dopamine during sex.

    ECONOMIST: Tunnel of love

  • Valiant said Tuesday that the contemporary Dr. Mirage is similar to the previous incarnation, a man named Hwen Mirage, whose exploits with wife Carmen Ruiz ran for 18 issues in "Second Life of Doctor Mirage" — but, added Zircher, her powers are more steeped in Asian mysticism.

    NPR: 20 Years On, Valiant's Dr. Mirage Reborn, Remade

  • When the president of the southern Russian republic of Kalmykia, a chess-playing autocrat with a belief in mysticism, threatened to secede on November 17th in a row over tax payments, a growl from the centre—even one not backed with any credible force—was enough to make him back down straight away.

    ECONOMIST: Boris Yeltsin’s dying influence

  • In 1932, a preadolescent Ceylonese female was documented by British scholars of Tamil mysticism as being capable of inserting into her mouth and down her esophagus both arms to the shoulder, one leg to the groin, and the other leg to just above the patella, and as thereupon able to spin unaided on the orally protrusive knee at rates in excess of 300 r.p.m.

    NEWYORKER: Backbone

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