• Fedenaga announced that it was setting up a fund for mutual aid against land invasions.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Perhaps this spirit of mutual aid is what built the Internet in the first place.

    CNN: Online courses need human element to educate

  • They had made themselves party to a victory and lived by their principles, especially those of solidarity and mutual aid.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Estrellas y Rascacielos'

  • Alongside the Welsh government's strategic stock holdings and "mutual aid" agreements between authorities it gave "greater resilience" to winter weather at a national level, he said.

    BBC: Road salt stocks at 'record levels' ahead of winter

  • IR--An alliance is a formal treaty or agreement between states, commonly for the purpose of mutual aid in the event of war against a common enemy.

    ECONOMIST: No to NATO expansion

  • But in the absence of functioning state services, Muslims can fall back on their clan systems in which extended families of up to 3, 000 people provide mutual aid.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt’s vulnerable Copts | The

  • The number of officers needed is more than the PSNI can provide so more than 3, 000 officers will be from other police forces in Britain, brought in under what is called an agreement for mutual aid.

    BBC: Northern Ireland

  • Study in yeshiva is a sacrifice of time by which one signals commitment to an ultra-orthodox community that may be concerned about free-riders those who would benefit from the community's generous provision of mutual aid without contributing their share.

    ECONOMIST: Letters | The

  • As an antidote to this picture, he offers plenty of evidence of apparently selfless sacrifice, unforced sympathy, co-operation and even a keen sense of fairness in our closest animal relatives, who evolved to reap the benefits of mutual aid.

    ECONOMIST: The evolution of empathy

  • Economists in the French Enlightenment (like Jacques Turgot) and the Scottish Enlightenment (like Adam Smith) recognized that essential human institutions such as language, culture, legal customs, mutual aid societies and markets develop spontaneously when governments get out of the way.

    FORBES: Class Warfare: The Mortal Enemy Of Economic Growth And Jobs

  • If I write a ticket to an officer on another agency, and a mutual aid agreement causes us to work together in a major event, would I rather he or she get my back, or be thinking about that ticket I wrote them a few weeks ago?

    FORBES: Q: What are some cultural faux pas in police departments?

  • Self-reliance and mutual voluntary aid has yielded to victimhood and entitlement.

    FORBES: What Rand Paul Should Have Said About Slavery

  • Today investors are more aware than ever that they can, with the aid of the internet, see mutual fund portfolio holdings on a timely basis, even daily in some cases, and duplicate them in their own portfolios.

    FORBES: Pensions Funds: Funding Unsavory Practices of Venture Capitalists (May 1, 2000)

  • Now under the federal need analysis formula only (not the institutional), 529 and ESA assets owned by students are considered assets of the parent for federal aid purposes, therefore they get more favorable aid treatment than other assets like savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

    FORBES: Bad College Advice - Don't Save in Your Child's Name

  • Every mutual fund, endowment and family office drank Greenberg's Kool-Aid, and trusted whatever he told them.

    FORBES: The Croesus Chronicles

  • Dimon was called to aid in the rescue of Bear Stearns earlier this year and the takeover of Washington Mutual 's assets and deposits after its collapse in September.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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