• The super-duper multicoloured backdrop to painted paper plates and crafty filler in material is just not necessary.

    BBC: CBBC and CBeebies: Your views

  • Early 3D printers could only work in one colour but the latest versions can produce intricate, multicoloured objects.

    BBC: Nokia backs 3D printing for mobile phone cases

  • Each dancer wears a carved wooden mask with headdress, serape, embroidered shawl and multicoloured ribbons, and plays chinchines (maracas).

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Multicoloured fireworks danced up and down the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.

    BBC: New year revellers welcome 2013 with fireworks

  • Far below, terracotta roofs spill down the hillside towards a multicoloured line of masts in the marina, and an anchor-shaped peninsula arcs through the blue.

    BBC: Search the

  • That goes for towers in Glasgow, now swathed in multicoloured insulating overcladding.

    BBC: Viewpoint: Could people learn to love tower blocks?

  • Similarly, the same justices think that America should socially engineer a multicoloured elite so that America's leaders can be seen to be legitimate.

    ECONOMIST: Affirmative action

  • Cycling is prohibited here, but it is worth dismounting and walking your bike along the meandering paths under a multicoloured canopy of elm, chestnut, beech and gingko leaves.

    BBC: In Boston, leaf peeping by bike

  • In Galaxidi, a small fishing village in Greece, revellers hurl multicoloured flour to celebrate one of the holiest (and most ironically named) days of the year - Clean Monday.

    BBC: The world��s messiest festivals

  • The multicoloured balls in bubble-gum machines could be picked up in a girl's dress, or the red of a stiletto shoe matched with the frame of a shop window.

    ECONOMIST: Helen Levitt | The

  • Yet his focus often seems two-tone rather than multicoloured.

    ECONOMIST: The man who won��t say why

  • Kodai-ji is a historic Zen temple located in the scenic Higashiyama area and was one of the first temples to kick off after-dark illuminations (when the gardens are lit by multicoloured spotlights), allowing cherry blossom viewing to continue well into the night.

    BBC: Sakura season in Kyoto

  • Eric Doeringer's display catches my eye first, perhaps because it is decorated with garlands of multicoloured triangular flags and hand-written posters touting bargain prices or perhaps because I instantly recognise the work on the walls: there are Hirst's dead butterflies, Yoshitomo Nara's creepy little girls, assume vivid astro focus's psychedelic pastiche, Marilyn Minter's filthy left foot.

    ECONOMIST: Debating what to covet with unlimited funds

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