• Most of the young people I met were curious, ambitious, entertaining, and--note this, older Japanese--courteous.


  • Most of the young people have left these villages.

    BBC: Tackling northern Japan's record snow

  • With the exception of the imperial offspring of the Ming dynasty and the dauphins of pre-Revolutionary France, contemporary American kids may represent the most indulged young people in the history of the world.

    NEWYORKER: Spoiled Rotten

  • It is simply foolish as a matter of policy, when we think about global competition -- economic competition that we face in the 21st century, to educate some of the smartest, most creative entrepreneurial young people from around the world in our universities -- the finest in the world -- and then not let them stay to start businesses, to launch startups to create jobs here in America.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The University of Southern California has been conducting one of the most comprehensive studies on the long-term impact of smog on young people.

    CNN: Research finds smog could deal a blow to children's health

  • Now is the time to reap the benefits of the sacrifice of money, national prestige and most important of all, the lives of some of our best young people.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Iraq: right time, right place, right war

  • Report reveals the urgent need to invest in skills for youth aged 15-24, and lays out steps that governments, aid donors and the private sector must take to redress the severe lack of skills, especially for the most disadvantaged young people.


  • One of the most damaging forces tearing at young black people in America today is the popular culture's pernicious image of what an "authentic" black person is supposed to look like and how that person is supposed to act.

    NPR: Redefining What It Means to Be Black in America

  • But Mr Makwana said the most important part of the scheme was the advice and mentoring that young people get along with the loan.

    BBC: Start-up loans scheme expanded

  • Most troubling of all for the industry, young people are just not buying newspapers the way their parents did.

    ECONOMIST: The newspaper industry

  • He says that 45% of the young people most affected have been out of work for six months or more and the challenge is to avoid a "lost generation" of people out of work.

    BBC: Autumn Statement: Small firms get ?40bn credit help

  • The event kicked off with a skit featuring young actors playing stereotypes of the most annoying people you've ever been stuck behind in a Starbucks line.

    CNN: CES keynote: Young people today are 'born mobile'

  • The report also reflects that the majority of young people currently get most of their history in primary schools and urges better training in the subject for primary teachers.

    BBC: Overhaul school history, urges report by MPs and peers

  • The WHO says that in most affected countries, the majority of cases appear to be occurring in young people, around the ages of 12 to 17, although some reports suggest it is mainly older people who have required hospital treatment.

    BBC: Swine flu 'reaches 160 countries'

  • Research from the access regulator Offa indicates the richest 20% of young people are seven times more likely to enter the most selective institutions than the poorest 40%.

    BBC: UK Politics

  • Secretary Duncan and I will be working to promote the teaching profession to show young people that teaching is one of the best and most rewarding ways to serve our country.

    WHITEHOUSE: Honoring Educators in Math and Science

  • The inquiry is seeking to establish the most common types of exploitation and how young people become caught up in it.

    BBC: child

  • In the battle against Islamofascism, we have to put at risk our national purse and, most importantly, the lives of some of our best young people.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Our long twilight struggle

  • Number two, I think the most important thing that maybe young people here can do is to promote the values of openness, transparency, honest debate, civil disagreements within your own groups and your own organizations, because that forms good habits.

    WHITEHOUSE: Town Hall with Young African Leaders

  • It consists of a series of conferences and meetings at the highest level, where young people have the opportunity to share opinions with representatives of the most important political, business and intellectual institutions in the region.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • But most of all, it is you -- especially the young people among us.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • Most of today's young people grew up in the absence of some important values.


  • The report says the most effective way of preventing drug use by young people is beginning school drug education courses at an early age.

    BBC: News | Health | Britain tops drug league

  • Which countries have the most promising crops of leaders coming up through the ranks today, and where in the world are there more young people likely to develop into leaders tomorrow?

    FORBES: The Countries Producing The Most Future Leaders -- The U.S. Lags

  • The marked absence of young people at most protest rallies reflects a deep cynicism about politics.

    ECONOMIST: The chances of change in Armenia remain small

  • One of the most important aims of investment and increased commercial activity must be to generate employment for Somalis, and particularly young people.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • But most young people shared the "general feeling of dismay at this behaviour", Dr Williams said in the message filmed at the Kids' Company charity in south London.

    BBC: Archbishop warns against hostility to young people

  • While the most competitive young people in America went into business, or even, in recent years, nonprofits, some of the brightest young people in China went into the government and joined the Communist Party.

    FORBES: Viable Oppositions for Democracy in China?

  • It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail and the young people gain so much from the experience.

    BBC: Scots move for Dame Ellen MacArthur's cancer charity

  • Yet, many young people lack the basic skills to make the most of what the world has to offer.


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