• In such a high-resolution environment even the finest morsel of dust can ruin the entire product.

    FORBES: What's It Like in a Semiconductor Fab?

  • It seems like a revenue tasty morsel being offered from the Largest Tax Haven in the world.

    FORBES: FATCA Makes Foreign Banks Report Americans

  • Soon your ATM code could be the only morsel of data that ever need burden your 21st-century brain.

    FORBES: In the Era of 'Google Effects," Why Memory Matters

  • And given the sophistication of attack vectors, every morsel of personal information fed to hackers gets them closer to gaming security.

    FORBES: A Call To Arms For Enterprise Mobile Security

  • One morsel of good news: More carriers are targeting individual insurance buyers.

    FORBES: How To Find The Best Deal On Health Insurance

  • For the past year, the YouTube channel has offered high-quality, morsel-size shows about a wide-range of living and office issues and solutions.

    FORBES: YouTube PrimeTime: 'Hipper HGTV' Packs Space Porn Into 4-Minute Shows

  • When it was done, the boy ate the whole thing, and did not share a morsel, which was exactly as it was supposed to be.

    NEWYORKER: A Tiny Feast

  • And while each morsel of dismal economic news at home (especially climbing unemployment) wounds the government, debt crises elsewhere allow ministers to point to disasters averted.

    ECONOMIST: The Tories

  • Since Brooks apparently finds thumos so utterly indispensable, one might think he would scour the literature seeking to offer an up-to-date, scientifically-credible version of this illuminating morsel of ancient Greek psychological theory.

    FORBES: The Social Animal by David Brooks: A Scornful Review

  • It was my turn now, so I popped a morsel in my mouth and chewed thoughtfully, figuring as I did so that I was now permanently disqualified from owning a Greenpeace coffee mug.

    FORBES: Life

  • Crispin was among some 100 agencies that clamored for a shot at a time when ad agencies are scrambling for any morsel in what is perhaps the most severe famine in Madison Avenue history.

    FORBES: The Winner's Circle

  • Go to a lawyer, a doctor, a financial wizard and you come away with a bill and perhaps a morsel of advice that may be no more helpful than that dispensed by the Delphic Mrs Lederer.

    ECONOMIST: Esther Lederer, agony aunt, died on June 22nd, aged 83

  • But if you do decide to go for it, then go all the way: turn your mouth into one big sound bite spigot and make sure the reporter has every single media morsel he she could dream of.

    FORBES: Connect

  • When the Dutch were forced out of western New Guinea, the United States used its influence to have this choice morsel thrown to Indonesia, in the hope that it would keep Indonesia quiet and dampen any enthusiasm for communism.

    ECONOMIST: Bitter pill

  • Though the album that spawned it seems crafted to be consumed as a whole — Meiburg says he was influenced by the conceptual works of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush — "Hidden Lakes" works as a freestanding morsel of piano-fueled fragility.

    NPR: Shearwater: Grandiose And Delicate

  • For all the talk of synergies in fast-growing Asia, the plum morsel that ChevronTexaco (nyse: CVX - news - people ) will get from this Unocal (nyse: UCL - news - people ) deal is in Azerbaijan.

    FORBES: It's All About Azerbaijan

  • Upon my arrival in Orlando for the Baseball Winter Meetings last weekend, I had spent approximately 15 hours each day trying to unearth any morsel of information that could either enhance my overall knowledge of the sport or lead me to sources that could answer some of the complicated questions that I currently have regarding the business of baseball.

    FORBES: Fond Reflections On The Winter Meetings

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