• However, this requires more sophisticated technology to look for agents in DNA, which can be stable and present for weeks after exposure.

    BBC: Syria chemical weapons claims: UK and US tread cautiously

  • When it comes to more sophisticated technology like storage networks and server arrays, the company will have to spend billions hiring service and support personnel.

    FORBES: Pulled in a New Direction

  • When it comes to more sophisticated technology, such as storage networks and server arrays, the company will have to spend billions hiring service and support personnel.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "Because it's contact-less there's a perception people can grab it from thin air, but it's actually a more sophisticated technology than credit cards with a magnetic stripe, making it more difficult to steal a consumer's payment information, " said Nick Holland, a mobile-transactions analyst at Yankee Group.

    WSJ: Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments

  • Oracle believes that the rigours of doing business on the Internet are creating a demand for ever more sophisticated database technology, and that 8i will be a natural choice for electronic commerce.

    ECONOMIST: Software

  • What started as somewhat clunky keypads that required vehicle operators to punch in five digit codes to get a vehicle to start, a code given to them when their car payment was made, has moved to more sophisticated remote technology.

    FORBES: Bad Password Management Will Stop You in Your Tracks

  • It pulled users along the journey and, all the while, users became more familiar with technology and more sophisticated on how to use it and what to expect.

    FORBES: Was Apple 'MySpaced'? Is Google Next?

  • Consumers are considerably more sophisticated users of technology then they have been in the past, accustomed to the convenience that smartphones, social networks and cloud-based technologies have afforded them.

    FORBES: Digital Transformation - Who You Gonna Call?

  • Finally, they stress another lesson of 2004: Republicans ran advertisements that were more emotive, and their strategists used more sophisticated data and technology to reach all voters, including independents and Democrats.

    ECONOMIST: The way ahead for the Democrats

  • He ordered a set of changes in counterterrorism procedures, including how the watch list system operates, as well as new efforts to develop more sophisticated explosives detection technology for airport screening checkpoints.

    NPR: 'System Failure' In U.S. Screening For Terrorists

  • According to a recent study by Mercer Oliver Wyman, a consulting group, and Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, cross-border mergers can work if the buyer brings more sophisticated information-technology and risk management to the target.

    ECONOMIST: European banks

  • New, more sophisticated generating and transmitting technology is coming on the market.

    FORBES: Fact And Comment

  • China has enjoyed a more favored status than the Soviet Union or other Warsaw Pact countries and has, thereby, been given access to vastly more sophisticated and militarily relevant technology.


  • But bitcoin miners say thieves will struggle to keep up, as coin-generating technology becomes more sophisticated.

    BBC: Bitcoin miners hit back at cyber-thieves

  • Doctors with better intentions may simply believe that more sophisticated laboratory tests and imaging technology have made the autopsy redundant.

    ECONOMIST: Autopsies

  • And it may, in part, at least, be down to intelligent policing - new technology and more sophisticated approaches to crime prevention and investigation.

    BBC: What do we value about the police?

  • Once the technology becomes more sophisticated, however, the researchers believe it could be used to identify slight individual differences among cancer patients - allowing doctors to give more personalised treatment.

    BBC: Sticky DNA helps spot leukaemia

  • By contrast, and as monitoring technology got more sophisticated, the evidence was going in the other direction, namely, that the more carefully you looked for BPA, the less of it you found.

    FORBES: Top Government Scientists Catch Media's Favorite Anti BPA Researcher in Absurd Claims, Ties To Trial Lawyers

  • As technology becomes more sophisticated, expensive and research and development-intensive, greater emphasis is placed on finding differentiation through innovative, regionally appropriate development of core processes and products to address those end markets, as well as our own.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • While the Internet Messenger Watch is probably on the cutting edge for digital watch technology, more sophisticated consumers accustomed to more advanced messaging will find it lacking when they get a message and want to talk back.

    FORBES: Ten O'Clock Tech: Webbing By Wrist

  • But the new technology would be more sophisticated, capable of identifying an individual user via a card, smartphone or other device that employs near-field communication and then determining his or her permissions for a particular plug.

    FORBES: Prepare To Pay For Power In Public Places

  • These decisions regarding discounts to increase profits have always been made on a geographical basis, but technology is much more sophisticated than it was twenty years ago, and customers like myself have gladly shared their full shopping histories, enabling store managers to mine through an enormous amount of data.

    FORBES: Individualized Coupons Aid Price Discrimination

  • Proving once again that technology is getting more sophisticated while criminals remain as dumb as ever is a brazen woman who has robbed four Wachovia branches in Northern Virginia since October 12, each time entering the banks unmasked and chatting on her cellphone the entire time.

    ENGADGET: Woman with phone glued to ear robs four banks

  • He was also aware that with more sophisticated software came greater demands on the technology.

    BBC: Console wars 'benefit consumers'

  • But as the technology continues to grow more sophisticated, turning over more tasks and even decision making to the airplane gets easier.

    FORBES: Will Your Next Airplane Be A Drone?

  • What is more, it is only prudent to expect that, in the present environment, more rather than less sophisticated fiber optic and switching technology will be actually be utilized in any deal that goes forward.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • As they expand their role in communications, CMOs also need to be savvy about technology and math, as they use more sophisticated online tools to target customers and analyze the effectiveness of advertising and marketing efforts.

    FORBES: CMO Summit

  • If anything, the top Clinton official responsible for the safeguarding of America's leading technologies, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, is even more insouciant about the implications of sophisticated American dual-use technology falling into the wrong hands than were his counterparts in the Bush Administration.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • The increasing sophistication of filters that can send brand-love messages exactly to that special consumer-someone in the mood for a little emotional bonding promised a land of sales on the other side, with technology enabling advertisers access to ever-more sophisticated profiles built from searches and social pages, selling this to brands as a way in.

    FORBES: A Story About Occupying Digital Space. Or an Answer to 'How Should I Be Measuring Digital and Social Media Anyhow?'

  • Furthermore, the technology will actually allow airports to have a more sophisticated security system in place.


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