• The popular wisdom is that monthly rent disappears from your wallet, whereas a monthly mortgage payment contributes to an investment.

    FORBES: Fewer Americans Want To Buy a Home. Is That Really So Bad?

  • The higher your monthly rent, the more likely it is that owners of rentals in your price range will be represented by agents.


  • After a while I looked at the monthly rent and utilities I was paying and questioned why I was incurring that additional overhead.

    FORBES: Why Marissa's Right

  • "Even if they're living on their own, they're getting some kind of support, paying a bill, or even paying monthly rent here and there, " Ray says.


  • The reason the Zurich post office held so much cash was that it was the time when the Swiss pay their monthly rent and utility bills.

    ECONOMIST: Direct debit

  • Though this framing is kinda technical, most of these factors can be summed up in a really straightforward comparison: monthly rent vs. monthly mortgage payment for similar homes.

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  • When I first moved into an East Village studio apartment this summer, I suffered a bit of sticker shock, so I starting thinking about ways to defray my monthly rent.

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  • Stephen Hanson, owner of New York's Blue Fin and Ruby Foo's, says that the monthly rent bill for a healthy restaurant is ideally no more than its sales on one busy day.

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  • They pay just one monthly price for the service while avoiding the monthly prices to rent their business applications.

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  • They see it as another monthly payment, along with their rent and car payment.

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  • Instead of owning their photovoltaic panels they rent them, paying a monthly fee offset by the savings from generating solar electricity.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Eventually they're going to default and get foreclosed, but for maybe like five years, they'll cut your monthly payments down to what you would rent, so why not stay?

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  • According to Deutsche Bank, the ratio of rent to after-tax mortgage payments was 107.8% in the third quarter, implying rent is more expensive than a monthly home payment (for median homeowners).

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  • One of the main reasons for this is that after paying the minimum required monthly amount I still have other expenses in the form of rent, a car payment, utilities, grocery, health expenses, and phone, not to mention gas expenses that are continuing to climb.

    FORBES: America's Existential Peril: 29 Years Old, In Debt, and Disheartened

  • To recap the methodology, the Trulia Price Monitor and the Trulia Rent Monitor track asking home prices and rents on a monthly basis, adjusting for the changing composition of listed homes, including foreclosures provided by RealtyTrac.

    FORBES: Housing Inventory Shortage No Longer Free Falling

  • Even though private companies spend less, on average, than individuals for rent payments, inevitably there are some businesses that still struggle with the monthly expenditure and look for ways to stretch payments out over time.

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  • The fact of the matter is that while most college kids don't spend a lot of time thinking about the monthly costs of their off-campus housing, the people who usually end up writing the rent checks--their parents--do.

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