• A380 looks likely to dominate, if not monopolise, long high-density routes for years to come.

    ECONOMIST: The Airbus A380

  • Still, where the state is revered, people do not want it to monopolise the scene.

    ECONOMIST: A poll on trust

  • UN, despite its ability to monopolise the image of legitimacy, is ill-suited to administering territories in transition.

    ECONOMIST: From Bosnia, East Timor, and other fragile places

  • America's decentralised system and multiple checks and balances have long ensured that no single faction can monopolise power.

    ECONOMIST: American history 1

  • Edgily noting precedents in Egypt and in the Palestinian territories, many Jordanians fear the Brotherhood wants to monopolise power.

    ECONOMIST: Jordan and its king

  • Microsoft, for example, where the message is: I want to monopolise your heart.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • This attempt to monopolise both hardware and software has stymied the growth of firms that might have developed commercial agents.

    ECONOMIST: Computer viruses need not be all bad

  • The Tigers, seeking to monopolise the politics of the country's Tamil minority, were pioneers in suicide-bombing and leaders in child-conscription.

    ECONOMIST: Sri Lanka's interned Tamils

  • In the Holy Land local churches are caught between Israeli encroachment on their property and Islamist bids to monopolise Palestinian life.

    ECONOMIST: Religious freedom

  • The last of Russia's elected regional governors has been sacked, continuing the Kremlin's drive not merely to centralise, but to monopolise, political power.

    ECONOMIST: A few things the West should tell Mr Putin, when it has his ear

  • The Tigers have brutally sought to monopolise Tamil political representation.

    ECONOMIST: Mixed feelings among Tamils at the prospect of the war��s end

  • Life-insurance companies and trust banks still largely monopolise pension-fund management.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • If anything, the form book suggests that Putin will bottle things, and go for the easier political option of promoting European pipeline projects to monopolise local supply and rents.

    FORBES: Russia: Shell-Shocked From U.S. Shale Over Shtokman

  • In the second half we created our own problems by dropping very deep, but people have to realise that we're not going to monopolise a game for the full 90 minutes.

    BBC: Church strikes to give Boston United first-day win

  • Thanks to Britain's first-past-the-post electoral system, one political party may monopolise the seats on a local authority with less than half the votes of the 30% of the electorate who turned out to vote.

    ECONOMIST: Resolving Labour��s local difficulties

  • It is a staggering indictment of British democracy that in the last election the two major parties that monopolise power could between them win little more than half the votes available on the electoral rolls.

    ECONOMIST: From the archive

  • True, the court reversed the finding that Microsoft had attempted to monopolise the market for web-browser software, and also overturned last year's ruling by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson that the company should be split in two.

    ECONOMIST: Microsoft

  • They concede that no self-regulating professional body for managers could possibly monopolise entry to the profession, given the long list of entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates who have created oodles of shareholder value without any formal training.

    ECONOMIST: A Hippocratic oath for managers

  • For the Revolutionary Guards and the business world, while sanctions may have offered the chance to monopolise the economy in the short term, there is a growing awareness that as the economy shrinks, so will their share of the profits.

    BBC: Iran's nuclear ambitions stalk presidential election

  • The National Mall could easily monopolise an entire vacation but to find additional fulfilment for you and the kids venture beyond the tourist zone to Capitol Hill, a charming Federal-style neighbourhood that has dutifully served as the capital's living quarters for centuries.

    BBC: Visiting Washington DC with kids

  • In a rare struggle to monopolise the ball, Spain looked riled - but while Chile worked overtime to establish the upper hand they lost their discipline - both Gary Medel and Waldo Ponce were rightly booked for nasty tackles and will miss the match against Brazil.

    BBC: Chile 1-2 Spain

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