• Many lawyers also mistakenly believe that when they deliver excellent legal services, their clients will appreciate their efforts and expertise.

    FORBES: How Lawyers Can Dramatically Boost Their Incomes

  • For example, there are a lot of clients who mistakenly believe that when they purchase stock, the company gets the money.

    FORBES: Socially Sensitive Stupidity

  • Like in basketball, gamblers ignore statistics and mistakenly believe they are more likely to win a future bet because they have won previous ones.

    FORBES: The Hot Hand Fallacy

  • Because investors attribute the advertised high past returns to managerial skill rather than luck, they mistakenly believe that the returns are likely to continue.

    FORBES: How Selective Advertising by Mutual Funds Misleads Investors

  • They mistakenly believe there are easy answers to financial problems.

    FORBES: The Lord Mayor Would Have Spoiled "A Christmas Carol"

  • But to make matters much worse, most people in the Goldman Sachs office mistakenly believe that those high earners did something worthy of merit, something that reflects their intelligent investing style.

    FORBES: What Bracketology Teaches Us About Banking

  • Lest we mistakenly believe that the fire is the work of an impartial universe, one scene shows a demented arsonist pouring gasoline on the bed of a sleeping woman before setting it on fire.

    FORBES: When Postmodern Art Attacks Western Civilization

  • But a new study by two law professors offers an additional, surprising explanation: A change in the way the bankruptcy courts report statistics may have led analysts to mistakenly believe that bankruptcy was no longer a key escape hatch for entrepreneurs, conclude Elizabeth Warren of Harvard University and Robert Lawless of the University of Nevada.


  • Clearly, a dangerous precedent has been established as many investors seem to believe mistakenly that the bottom for financial stocks has been reached.

    FORBES: The Blame Game

  • If a decision we believe should be simple ends up being harder than we expect, we mistakenly think it must actually be important and therefore take even more time to make the decision.

    FORBES: Decision Quicksand

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