• More recently, they tested a maneuvering ballistic missile warhead capable of hitting U.S. aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific.

    FORBES: Inside Pentagon, Growing Alarm Over China's Military Prowess

  • It had also worked on fitting a bomb on a missile warhead.

    ECONOMIST: Nuclear proliferation

  • Trying to shoot down an incoming missile or warhead with a physical projectile, by contrast, is much more difficult.

    ECONOMIST: Energy weapons: Zap, crackle and pop | The

  • While U.S. officials said there is "nothing to indicate" that North Korea can or will place a nuclear warhead atop a missile right now, most experts say it is very difficult to know the warhead and payload of a missile test in advance.

    CNN: 5 things we still don't know about North Korea's nukes

  • Worse yet, evidence continues to accumulate that both North Korea and Iran are interested in a nuclear weapons application that poses a particular and extraordinary danger to the United States: a ballistic missile-delivered warhead that would cause an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) capable of inflicting what a blue-ribbon commission recently called "catastrophic" damage to the electric grid and electronic systems across the country.


  • The latest, smaller version of the missile does have a warhead but is meant to destroy its target primarily by simply hitting it.

    BBC: Fact file: Patriot missile defence

  • Pentagon officials promised to press forward with plans for more tests of the system after an interceptor missile hit a dummy warhead over the Pacific Ocean on Saturday.

    BBC: Russia and China sign friendship pact

  • While true, North Korea's intimate ties with Iran and Syria show that North Korea's nuclear program, with its warhead, missile and technological components, is not a distant threat, limited in scope to faraway East Asia.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel and the Axis of Evil

  • In 2007 America concluded, controversially, that Iran had been developing a nuclear warhead for a missile, but had stopped in 2003.

    ECONOMIST: Sanctions on Iran

  • Pyongyang also is seen as being ahead of Iran in developing the technologies needed to place an atomic warhead on a missile.

    WSJ: Iran-North Korea Pact Draws Concern

  • One U.S. intelligence assessment suggested North Korea had the capacity to put a nuclear warhead on a missile, even if any such weapon would have low reliability.

    NPR: Goal Of Nuclear-Free NKorea Tests US, China Ties

  • North Korea provoked Western condemnation earlier this month with an underground nuclear test that was preceded by the December launch of a long-range missile capable of transporting a warhead.

    CNN: Dennis Rodman is North Korean leader's 'friend for life'

  • We don't even know whom to target, obsessing over President Ahmadinejad when in fact he does not control the things that concern us most: the Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah, support for the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill our people, the ballistic missile program or the nuclear warhead program.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • And they have also worked on designing at least of applying this missile to carry a nuclear warhead. 10.23.58 Narrator According to reported Israeli intelligence, the newer versions of the Shihab would reach not just Israel but Western Europe. 10.24.05 Professor Isaac Ben-Israel A nuclear warhead is something which is effective against cities, against populated areas.


  • It is not thought to have a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

    BBC: North Korea tells South to leave islands

  • India has successfully launched a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile able to carry a nuclear warhead, officials say.

    BBC: India test launches Agni-V long-range missile

  • On Thursday, a U.S. lawmaker revealed at a congressional hearing in Washington an excerpt from a recent U.S. intelligence report compiled by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, which concluded with "moderate confidence" that North Korea had mastered the ability to affix a miniaturized nuclear warhead to a ballistic missile.

    WSJ: U.S., South Korea Offer North Talks, and a Warning

  • Friday's successful advanced missile defense test, which shot down a mock nuclear warhead in space, shows that the US is getting closer to defending the country against ballistic missile attack.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • The Pentagon estimates that Iran could test-flight an intercontinental missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, as early as 2015.

    CNN: Can U.S. help Gulf shield itself against Iran?

  • The second is to instill fear in the American public by one day demonstrating its capability to marry a nuclear warhead with an intercontinental ballistic missile with the range to hit the U.S. West Coast.

    CNN: North Korea is far from suicidal

  • This and its own snooping suggest military links to the nuclear programme, secretive procurement efforts, high-explosive testing useful in triggers for nuclear bombs, and design work on a missile cone able to carry a nuclear warhead.

    ECONOMIST: Is there still time for a miracle?

  • The AP reported that the nuclear experts at the IAEA were in agreement that Iran already possesses the capability to build a nuclear bomb and is "on its way" to developing a missile system capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.


  • If a smaller device was indeed tested, analysts said this could take Pyongyang closer to building a warhead small enough to arm a missile.

    BBC: Obama: Nuclear test 'isolates North Korea further'

  • North Korea already has the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead: it has an extensive missile programme and once test-fired a missile over part of Japan.

    ECONOMIST: Old allies turn on North Korea

  • North Korea claimed that a "miniaturised" device had been tested, increasing fears that Pyongyang had moved closer to building a warhead small enough to arm a missile.

    BBC: China and US 'agree North Korea nuclear test measures'

  • Pyongyang claims its nuclear test involved a smaller and more powerful device - prompting concerns it could be moving closer to creating a warhead small enough to arm a missile.

    BBC: North Korea ramps up nuclear rhetoric as UN vote looms

  • The New Start treaty limits each side to no more than 800 deployed nuclear warhead delivery systems including bombers, missile launchers and nuclear submarines - a cut of about 50%.

    BBC: US-Russia New Start nuclear treaty comes into effect

  • The US and other regional allies fear North Korea is working to develop a nuclear warhead small enough to arm a missile, though it is not believed to have achieved this yet.

    BBC: China criticises US missile defence plans

  • The US and North Korea's neighbours fear Pyongyang's ultimate goal is to put a nuclear warhead on a long-range missile that could target the west coast of the US, but it is not believed to have mastered the technology yet.

    BBC: North Korea in nuclear warning after UN rocket resolution

  • But by the afternoon, the IAEA had rained all over the Krewe of Obama-Gates parade and warned the world that Iran was likely to overcome the challenges of putting a nuclear warhead on top of a ballistic missile delivery vehicle.


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