• She finds herself flushing with a combination of rage and an almost reckless mirth.

    NEWYORKER: Stone Mattress

  • Kate merrily greets all of Sir Harry's boastful claims of success with barely concealed mirth and impertinence.

    WSJ: Review: 2 J.M. Barrie comedies smart, breezy

  • It is directed by Terence Davies, whose previous films include The House of Mirth and Distant Voices, Still Lives.

    BBC: Weisz film to close London festival

  • Ever since Arianna Huffington first floated the idea of a Beatty candidacy, it has been the cause of mirth.

    ECONOMIST: Warren Beatty��s profession

  • The modern Journal's first managing editor, he knew that into the world of business a little mirth must be poured.

    WSJ: A-Heds: The Wall Street Journal's Page One Column Explained

  • Beneath the gush of his eloquent vocabulary incessantly burbled a subterranean effluence of inexhaustible mirth, a Gulf Stream of self-satisfied glee.

    NEWYORKER: Heirs

  • This fact, which I proclaimed upon arrival in middle school, was a source of considerable mirth for the powerful few who dictated the social tide.

    NEWYORKER: High-School Confidential

  • "Royal expenses are on the way, " Mr Skinner remarked this year in a nod to the parliamentary expenses scandal, prompting mirth among his fellow MPs.

    BBC: Queen's speech

  • He makes grandiose claims with a mixture of mirth and sincerity.

    NEWYORKER: Looking for Someone

  • Clinton, a woman who has never inspired much mirth.

    WSJ: Things Are Tough All Over

  • At each of my encounters with the Archbishop, I had the same sense of wonder at his sense of humour and mirth even when dealing with tough problems such as human rights violations.


  • This enthusiasm provoked widespread mirth at The Economist.

    ECONOMIST: The unacknowledged giant

  • She has played a protective single mother in You Can Count on Me, a scheming, malevolent Bertha Dorset in The House of Mirth, and the wife of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey in Kinsey, among many other diverse characters.

    NPR: Laura Linney Explores the Art, Artifice of Acting

  • He's a creature of habitual poses -- lips pursed in a smile that mocks mirth, eyes narrowed by a need to dominate, and, beneath it all, motives as opaque as the squid ink he requires for his drawings.

    WSJ: 'Door in the Floor' Hinges on Performances

  • These begin with a corpse in the Louvre, continue in a country house owned by a conspiracy expert (Ian McKellen), lead to London for a touch of local color, and end in a Scottish church, where the true descendant of Jesus is revealed, to regrettable sounds of mirth in the audience.

    NEWYORKER: The Da Vinci Code

  • In a society where joy and celebration has become an irrelevance, where people avoid visiting landmarks for fear of bombings and shun celebrations due to security threats, where occasions of shared mirth are fast becoming non-existent, the victory mania was a sure sign that our geopolitical apathy has undergone a revolution - of the cricketing kind.

    BBC: A shot in the arm for Pakistan

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