• We developed the robot to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to more women.

    WSJ: Study Raises Doubts Over Robotic Surgery

  • Basco-Yu's operation in 1998 was a type of minimally invasive surgery performed at Duke University Medical Center.

    MSN: Heart disease can be serious, silent in young women

  • Studies show that patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery have a quicker recovery and less short-term pain than with open repair.

    WSJ: A Secret for Patients Undergoing Hernia Repair

  • Self-assembly was very useful in eye-of-the-needle problems in cases where you had to get something very large through a very small hole and Leuthardt wondered if it might be helpful in minimally invasive surgery.

    NEWYORKER: In the Air

  • It hints that investors, instead of pouring money into the next cancer-drug startup, may want to place their bets on companies developing better tumor imaging and minimally invasive surgery techniques that could have a bigger impact.

    FORBES: Why Pfizer Can't Cure Cancer

  • Then, on the following day, the doctors were asked to perform a series of simulated operations via a virtual reality program used to train doctors in laparoscopic surgery, a form of minimally invasive surgery performed with tiny incisions and a fiber-optic camera.

    CNN: Surgeons' 'bottle-to-scalpel' time affects errors

  • The primary purpose is to eventually use the technology in new forms of "minimally invasive surgery, " and although the microhand is likely years away from practical use, they're already in cahoots with robotic firm to develop a "slightly larger" rendition with an onboard camera for live action video feeds.

    ENGADGET: Researchers craft microscale robotic hand for surgeries

  • In 1989 he was recruited for his first chief executive job, at Target Therapeutics, which then made catheters for minimally invasive liver surgery and later for brain surgery.

    FORBES: Balancing Act

  • In his view a surgeon who wants to perform even minimally invasive bariatric surgery should attend specific courses, take fellowships and operate under the trained eye of an expert surgeon.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • We changed into scrubs and Alleyn took me through the sixteen operating rooms to show me the laparoscopy suite, with its flat-screen video monitors, the hybrid operating room with built-in imaging equipment, the surgical robot for minimally invasive robotic surgery.

    NEWYORKER: The Cost Conundrum

  • Other minimally invasive technologies (no surgery) are being used to stop heartburn, zap enlarged prostates and destroy painful uterine fibroids, making a hysterectomy unnecessary.

    FORBES: The Big Hurt

  • He has devised minimally invasive techniques that have transformed spinal surgery and made him a billionaire.

    FORBES: You've Never Heard of Them, but They've Changed Your Life

  • The heart plug is implanted through a transcatheter tube inserted through the groin, a minimally invasive procedure compared with open-heart surgery.

    WSJ: Doctors Debate Whether Strokes Be Prevented With a Heart-Plug Procedure

  • Gastric band surgery is pitched as a minimally invasive procedure.

    NPR: NJ Governor Had Secret Weight Loss Surgery

  • Unsurprisingly, the primary application is to handle tasks inside your body, such as deploying it via a "minimally-invasive catheter procedure" rather than implanting it through surgery.

    ENGADGET: EaglePicher claims "world's smallest" implantable battery

  • But some surgeons who perform traditional open surgery warn that the rush to offer the minimally invasive operation may compromise patients' health.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • Using a Da Vinci surgery platform, made by Intuitive Surgical, surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures on the abdomen as an alternative to laparoscopies or laparotomies.

    FORBES: Robot Surgery: Expanding Its Applications, Defying Critics

  • Though no one tracks the total number of noninvasive or minimally invasive surgeries across the board, medical device makers say the trend is similar for other types of surgery as well--be it to relieve back pain, implant coronary stents, or shrink the stomachs of very obese people.

    FORBES: Knifeless Surgery's Cutting-Edge Techniques

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