• Shoppers now buy mineral water in rarely-recycled plastic rather than glass bottles, which even the communists recycled.

    ECONOMIST: Eastern Europe’s environment

  • She also noted that our welcome mineral water and fruit bowl were missing.

    FORBES: Amsterdam's Striking Conservatorium Hotel

  • Russia continues to have bans on Georgia exports, like wine and mineral water.

    FORBES: Is Russia Reconsidering WTO Entry?

  • Kremlin sanctions have strangled Georgian exports such as wine, fruit and mineral water.

    ECONOMIST: A billionaire has unexpectedly won Georgia’s elections

  • Police suspect that cell phone carriers, an importer of Volvos and a mineral water supplier, among others, spied on the competition.

    FORBES: Chinese Take Out

  • The tongue is especially useful when it comes to beverages, such as fruit juices, milk, coffee, mineral water, wine and soft drinks.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Another brother-in-law resigned as defence minister in November after a quarrel with Commodore Bainimarama over arbitrary taxes imposed on a bottler of mineral water.

    ECONOMIST: Tensions between neighbours rise

  • La Vie, the country's most popular mineral water, contends with a host of blatant knock-offs with names like La Vi, La Ve and La Viei.

    ECONOMIST: As communism crumbles, a great cuisine revives

  • The television ad for Suntory mineral water looks as idealistic as it did ten years ago, featuring vistas of snow-covered mountains and a perfect Japanese family.

    ECONOMIST: Gloom merchants

  • The French market has been helped by the promotion of cognac as an aperitif, mixed with mineral water or orange juice, while the buoyant American market has been wooed with cognac cocktails such as the Hennessy Martini.

    ECONOMIST: Film festivals

  • His musical paean to the virtues of China Merchants Bank is already a staple of CCTV, and, in Shanghai, his face is on the side of hundreds of buses, a smiling endorsement of a mineral water from Tibet.

    NEWYORKER: The Olympian

  • Known for the mineral water that courses beneath it, feeding the bathhouses and giving the town its name, Saratoga in the 19th century was the summer destination of the rich, the social, the ambitious, the corrupt, the adventurous.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Even as it was signing a customs union with Belarus, Russia imposed a ban on Belarusian milk products, which it claimed did not meet its new packaging rules (rather as it once argued that Georgian wine, fruit and mineral water were of substandard quality).

    ECONOMIST: Russia and Western clubs

  • In Harbin, a city in the north-east, one representative who opposed price increases became something of a media celebrity last month, after he threw down a bottle of mineral water in disgust at not being given the time, he alleged, to express his views at a hearing.

    ECONOMIST: Water pricing in China: Bottling it | The

  • It is now possible, for example, to transform plastic mineral-water bottles into necklaces of shimmering shells.

    ECONOMIST: Contemporary jewellery

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