• Instead of military expenditure, they are pouring their resources into education, innovation and embracing their bio-diversity.

    FORBES: This New Year: Transform Your Thinking

  • However, the senator added that the aid is tied to cuts in military expenditure.

    BBC: Horn POW releases delayed

  • Twenty years ago Salt Lake was an isolated town, dependent largely on mining and military expenditure.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington: Salt Lake City’s new image | The

  • "China's military expenditure is very, very small compared to the military expenditure of the United States, " he said.

    CNN: U.S. and China: When giants meet

  • State news agency Xinhua said unless the US cut its "gigantic military expenditure and bloated welfare costs", another downgrade would be inevitable.

    BBC: White House: US must do better after debt deal

  • He also worries that military expenditure may have been cut too far.

    ECONOMIST: California��s Senate race

  • The data only go back to 1955 but I am betting the real burden in 1990s was on par with the burden right after World War II, when the US government also ran a surplus on the back of high taxes and declining military expenditure.

    FORBES: How Heavy Is the Federal Debt

  • Furthermore, lest anyone simplistically respond that Africans just emerging from conflicts need peacebuilding, not the accoutrements of armed security, it is worth recalling that acclaimed development economist Paul Collier and his colleague Anke Hoeffler found in their study on Military Expenditure in Post-Conflict Society that in the first five years after a peace agreement a given country's estimated risk of renewed conflict is about 44 percent.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A stimulus for African security

  • The country has a bloated expenditure on the military and small spending on education so that it lags even behind impoverished neighbours like Bangladesh in many spheres.

    BBC: NEWS | South Asia | UN warns of triple child scourges

  • Such an expenditure cannot be justified as long as the North Korean military is using large quantities of fuel oil -- some of which has, in the past, reportedly been diverted from provided supplies -- to conduct massive, offensively oriented training exercises or other actions that threaten to put at risk American or allied forces in and the civilian population of South Korea.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

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