• The medicine prize is awarded not by the academy, but by the Karolinska Institute, Sweden's leading medical university.

    ECONOMIST: The Nobel prizes: Informed choices | The

  • It approached psychiatrist and neurologist Mark George at the Medical University of South Carolina, who looked at brain scans of patients.

    FORBES: Rewiring the brain

  • So the HPV vaccine, that is often recommended for girls, should extend to boys as well, say researchers from Innsbruck Medical University in Austria.

    FORBES: The Real Reason Boys Should Get The HPV Vaccine

  • " Adds Medical University of South Carolina biochemist Bruce Hollis: "I often say its skeletal effects are the least interesting thing we know about it.

    FORBES: D Is for Debate

  • During this period Gary Grotendorst , then an assistant professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, was testing TGF-beta's relationship to other growth factors.

    FORBES: Scar Wars

  • Dr. Moscicki received his medical degree from Northwestern University Medical School.

    FORBES: FDA Gets a New Regulator

  • Forty years ago I received my medical degree from Cornell University Medical College on a similar spring day at the NY Hospital in Manhattan, epicenter of my known universe.

    FORBES: A Doctor Muses On The Selfishness Of Altruism

  • He was also good at coding, but put it aside to pursue a medical degree at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

    FORBES: Can Algorithms Save Parkland Hospital?

  • Columbia University Medical Centre, for example, accounts for more than half of that university's total budget, while humanities receive almost no external federal funding, and social sciences precious little.

    ECONOMIST: Research universities

  • Obese workers filed twice the number of workers' compensation claims, had seven times higher medical costs from those claims and lost 13 times more days of work from work injury or illness than other workers, according to a Duke University Medical Center study of the health records of more than 11, 000 Duke University employees.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have partnered together on a successful trial for a brain-computer interface that allows a person to control a robotic arm using only their thoughts.

    FORBES: Quadriplegic Controls Robot Arm With His Mind

  • That was the news over the weekend from the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Boston, where a team of researchers from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center presented evidence demonstrating the effects of aspirin against two types of breast cancer.

    FORBES: New Evidence That Aspirin May Prevent Cancer

  • How about the government put some of that money towards helping accrediting more university medical schools?

    FORBES: What Health Care 'Freedom And Liberty' Really Looks Like In Texas

  • Bostom (MD, MS) is an author and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School.


  • David Brown, head of cardiology at Stony Brook University Medical Center, took his mother off Vytorin.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Theodore Phillips , director of the multiple sclerosis center at Baylor University Medical Center.

    FORBES: Elan's Cleanup Guy

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