• Among them are "bucket list" (popularized by the eponymous movie), "gassed" (a slang word meaning drained of energy), and Oprah Winfrey's signature phrase, "aha moment" (a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension).

    CNN: Adding 'f-bomb' to dictionary makes for an 'aha moment'

  • An LLC's profits can be taxed as a corporate entity (a C corporation) or as a "pass through" entity (an S corporation), meaning that the company avoids paying tax on both corporate profits and the owners' personal income.

    FORBES: Set Up A Clothing Retailer: Legal Structure

  • The latest problem, according to a new article in Acta Astronautica (we've really been meaning to renew our subscription), is that a space elevator would be so slow-moving (200 kph, or 124 mph) that the half-week spent in the Van Allen radiation belt would kill any living thing without proper shielding.

    ENGADGET: Space elevator ride may kill humans due to ionizing radiation

  • But RSA, the security division of EMC, says 220 companies, including Target, Sears, Macy's, Sprint, T-Mobile and 14 of the 20 largest U.S. financial institutions, use its "knowledge-based authentication" (KBA) service and that it has a "false failure" rate (meaning folks flunking on erroneous public info) of less than 5%.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Nano is a prefix (from the Greek word for dwarf) meaning a billionth of something.

    FORBES: Tiny Miracles

  • Across the country, a bout a third of all adults are classified as obese, meaning that they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher.

    FORBES: Will Danes Influence US Tax Policy? Fat Chance.

  • These attorneys work under a contingency-fee arrangement, meaning they are paid a portion (usually one-third) of the money they are able to collect for the victims.

    FORBES: Can a Trust Protect My Assets in Divorce?

  • Fortunately, the wire in question is classified "Crit-One-R" (meaning it has a redundant backup).

    CNN: Challenger explosion

  • Piedra Azul Blanco (meaning Blue Stone) is a great tequila for your Dia Del Muerto festivities.

    FORBES: Celebrate with Piedra Azul

  • This is partially down to the fact that fees stumped up by eBay sellers in Britain are handed over to a related company in Luxembourg called PayPal (Europe) Sarl, meaning most sales are channelled through a tax haven.

    FORBES: EBay Is Not Avoiding Taxes, No. This Is Instead the Point Of The System

  • According to the Third Geneva Convention itself (the one covering POWs), for a person to qualify as a POW and be accorded the treatment proscribed in said convention, that person must be affiliated (either regular army or militia meaning some sort of uniform) with a "High Contracting Power" (a state that was party to the convention but for argument's sake we'll say any state).

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Amnesty ignorant again

  • Named Moksha (meaning liberation in Sanskrit) the custom 26ft (8m) pedal boat had a top speed of three knots, was self-righting and held supplies for months at sea.

    BBC: Jason Lewis: Circumnavigating the world

  • The Shard has 11, 000 glass panels, with each side equalling a total area of 56, 000 sq m (603, 000 sq ft), meaning there was a genuine concern over a possible greenhouse effect.

    BBC: Does Shard point to design's future?

  • Drugstore chains and supermarkets have underperformed, but Kroger (30, KR), Safeway (52, SWY) and Rite Aid Corp. (25, RAD) are probe positions, meaning you buy a little and then add more if GDP growth slows to a trendline of around 2.5%.

    FORBES: Watch your sectors

  • Days later, as support for Inman increased, Carreon filed a perplexing lawsuit (pro se, meaning on his own and not on behalf of a client) against Inman, Indiegogo and the charities alleging all sorts of impropriety.

    FORBES: Carreon Drops Lawsuit Against Inman, Charities (For Now?)

  • Analysts said the decline is mostly due to a stronger dollar, meaning the Chinese government has to spend more renmimbi (RMB) to acquire the same amount of bonds it purchased a month prior, when their currency was stronger.

    FORBES: China Cuts U.S. Debt Holdings

  • Laze by the pool, indulge in a long lunch while monkeys cavort in the trees and knock back a coconut feni or two (the local Goan firewater), and you will truly appreciate the meaning of a good Goan susegad.

    BBC: Goa's boutique gems

  • An LLC's profits can be taxed as a corporate entity (a C corporation) or as a "pass-through" entity (an S corporation), meaning that the company avoids paying taxes on both corporate profits and the owners' personal income.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That's because an LLC's profits can be taxed as a corporate entity (a C corporation) or as a "pass-through" entity (an S corporation), meaning that the company avoids paying taxes on both corporate profits and the owner's personal income.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • One bank branch has all of its counters coated in anti-bacterial chemicals (a new meaning for the term money laundering?).

    ECONOMIST: The Japanese are a super-clean lot. Obsessively so?

  • He further observed that as bad as things have been, a diversified portfolio (meaning holding stocks and bonds) would have produced positive returns.

    FORBES: You May Have To Rebalance Your Portfolio Due To Health Care Costs

  • The program is piloting in Sweden as well. 69% of the pupils say this program as contributed school being a friendlier place (meaning less bullying and hazing).

    FORBES: Johan Andresen of Ferd on Social Entrepreneurship

  • Short-term capital gains (meaning gains on assets held for less than a year) are taxed at ordinary income tax rates of up to 35%.

    FORBES: Don't Rush To Recognize Capital Gains Or Losses

  • However, a taxpayer who qualifies as a real estate professional is not necessarily engaged in a trade or business (within the meaning of section 162) with respect to the rental real estate activities.

    FORBES: Can Real Estate Professionals Beat The 3.8% Obamacare Tax ?

  • For such politicians, European diversity is a problem because it undermines the most advanced (meaning expensive) social models.

    ECONOMIST: The future of Europe: Staring into the abyss | The

  • You put after-tax dollars in the Roth, meaning you get no deduction now as you do with a traditional 401(k).

    FORBES: Is A Roth 401(k) Right For You?

  • As a result, capital expenditures outpace both depreciation (meaning net capital outlay) and capital expenditure growth rate exceeds the revenue growth rate.

    FORBES: Rackspace: Bull and Bear Cases

  • The EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS) created a market in CO2 emission allowances, meaning that heavy emitters of CO2 have to buy allowances from enterprises that have managed to cut their CO2 emissions.

    BBC: EU court rebuffs Poland over CO2 emissions

  • If a company has deep pockets (meaning it's flush with cash), or it has the financial ability to take on more debt, it may seek out viable acquisition candidates as a means of growth.

    FORBES: Airline Stocks Ready For Lift-Off

  • Its title, meaning Milk Brigade, plays on a popular Javanese song, Kopi Susu (Milk Coffee).


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