• Other settlements include two stations in Westchester County that Schneiderman said marked up the retail price over wholesale by more than 40 percent and a Spring Valley station that marked up the retail price over wholesale by 98 percent.

    WSJ: NY cracks down on gas price gouging after Sandy

  • That sale also marked the highest price ever paid for a work by a Scottish artist at auction.

    BBC: Peploe's Pink Roses

  • Since it takes two years to build a container ship, freight capacity is inflexible, so small changes in demand can cause marked changes in price.

    BBC: The popcorn route to recovery

  • Deflation, as marked by the price of gold, began around 1996.


  • You can save money on insurance policies by buying them directly from an insurer, such as industry giant TravelGuard, rather than through a middleman, who will charge a marked-up price.

    CNN: Lower airfares -- how to get them

  • Last week, the maximum permitted rice price was marked on a board at the entrance to Tongil as 240 won per kilo.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea

  • These hedging contracts are marked to the current market price.

    ECONOMIST: Gold hedging

  • But before you knock it for falling short of even 720p territory, bear in mind this device's being marked at a 229 Euro price point -- so it's affordable and geared squarely for the budget segment.

    ENGADGET: Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite hands-on at IFA 2012 (updated: video)

  • This is important as, looking ahead, we expect macroeconomic developments to feed through to a marked rally in the gold price and, with plenty of room for the gold:silver ratio to contract, particularly if memories of uncomfortable investor losses in silver during 2011 continue to fade, it is easy to see decent scope for sizable gains in the silver price this year.

    FORBES: INTERVIEW: Thomson Reuters GFMS: Silver Could Reclaim $30/Oz In 2013

  • Among all non-foreclosure homes for sale on Trulia, in early January, 33.6% of homes were priced lower than their original listing price. (For homes originally listed more than six months ago, we compared the current price to the price six months ago, not the original price.) One year ago, in early January 2012, 36.7% of homes for sale were marked down from their original listing price.

    FORBES: Trulia: Fewer Home Sellers Slashing Prices

  • Berkshire marked the assets to a very liquid, universally recognised market price at every quarter.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • The price increases of recent months have stemmed from a marked drop in stockpiles of oil, particularly in America.

    ECONOMIST: The oil price should fall—eventually

  • Indeed, it would be hard to estimate any market price for enduring the forced separation of families that marked slavery in America.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • The price of a smallholding of several hectares is only the minimal sum needed to have it marked out and registered.

    ECONOMIST: Sudan's separation

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