• "Large savings have been made at senior management level within the council, " they said.

    BBC: Bristol council boss Jan Ormondroyd 'should take pay cut'

  • Its creative star is Alex Bogusky, though he has now risen to management level.

    ECONOMIST: Advertising

  • A. or work at least four years in another company at a management level, or perhaps both.

    FORBES: Brazil's TV Titans

  • The Afghanistan Force Management Level is approximately 66, 000, under the 68, 000 level directed by June 2011 Presidential guidance.

    WHITEHOUSE: Letter from the President -- War Powers Resolution

  • At the vice president and senior management level, it drops to 28 percent.

    FORBES: What Will The World Be Like For Working Women In The Year 2020?

  • In fact, the skill shortage seems at least as great at management level.

    ECONOMIST: Productivity

  • Likewise, women comprise 52% of management level positions, only 14% go on to become executive officers, reports the Catalyst Center.

    FORBES: Warren Buffett Wants To Be Your Mentor

  • The move is in response concerns about conflicts of interest at senior management level, and use of public funds by the agencies.

    BBC: Voting session

  • At the middle-management level, a crippling contradiction tends to surface.

    FORBES: What Snuffs Out The Brand Torch's Flame?

  • Flexible working arrangements and teleworking are useful in creating a pipeline of qualified women, and men, at middle-management level, but the impact is limited when it comes to boards.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • In accordance with June 2011 Presidential guidance, the Department of Defense remains on track to achieve a Force Management Level of 68, 000 U.S. forces by the end of this summer.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Then at the right management level, the managers of the two silos agree the new product idea holds promise and decide to combine resources, both people and budget, to develop and market the product.

    FORBES: Leadership Tips for Cross-Silo Success

  • In a time that promises to test our business survival skills like no other, the challenges ahead for human resources, talent management, and community relations can feel endless and mind-numbing especially when generational change at the management level is factored in.

    FORBES: Generation-I: Responsible. Social. Entitled?

  • Considering how far within Railtrack the failings went, Judge Bright said that although there were very serious failings by Jarvis, "overall responsibility for the breach of duty lay with Railtrack at senior management level and their failures were significant and extensive".

    BBC: Potters Bar crash: Network Rail fined ?3m

  • At least 10 to 15 years' relevant professional experience at the senior management level within the United Nations system or with other international or national instituitions, a good knowledge of UNESCO's programmes and methods of work and extensive interaction with the United Nations System as a whole.

    UNESCO: Main Menu

  • At least three hedge funds, including Diamondback Capital Management, Level Global Investors and Loch Capital Management are also being investigated.

    FORBES: The Galleon Net Widens -- Insider Trading or Witch Hunt?

  • The oil unions have never achieved a complete stoppage, because management-level employees operate a contingency plan.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • They were initially envisioned as a way for management-level people to put aside extra retirement money money in addition to their pensions like 457 deferred compensation plans for government employees that rely primarily upon pensions for their retirement security.

    FORBES: Atlanta Police Say "No Way" to Mayor's 401(k)

  • No overstaffing, no girlfriends on the payroll as 'sales secretaries' or 'reservations managers, ' no letting your salaried g.m. use it as a jobs program for her relatives or 'professional colleagues, ' no overloading the hotel with extra salaried management-level employees so we'll have bench strength waiting in the wings if we sign another hotel.

    FORBES: What Does It Take To Start A Hotel?

  • "With new HP management, we expect to see change at division-level management, particularly in business units that have had poor relative performance, " Bachman said in a research report, indicating that the software division has struggled up until the current January quarter.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Watershed-level management is becoming a buzzword globally as water managers realize their machinations have widespread effects.

    FORBES: What Governments Can Do to Help Business

  • However, the same social context that created knowledge silos within upper level management is rapidly transforming with advances in technology.

    FORBES: The Case for Crowdsourcing Innovation and Social Change

  • Many in higher-level management roles have reacted to it as a gimmick or an employee distraction versus a potentially valuable business tool.

    FORBES: The Social Enterprise Becomes A Reality

  • Accountability in this area is still far-too-often a tactical, mid-level management function.

    FORBES: Managing Social Media Chaos: A Leadership Priority

  • Their role in water cycles is integral to water resource management from the level of a local pond right up to trans-national river basins.


  • He said top-level management must accept responsibility for what has happened.

    BBC: Nuclear industry 'under threat'

  • That might be perfectly fine for an employee progressing toward mid-level management, for whom agreement or silence can mean being a good soldier, a team player.

    FORBES: Leadership

  • Opening the doors to more hard core business and strategic upper level management positions will clearly unleash the talent of many Latinas today and in the future.

    FORBES: Latina Leaders: An Untapped Business Asset

  • Our priority on fairness has also resulted in significant increases in the number of minorities and women serving in high-level management positions in the Senior Executive Service.

    CNN: Text of Freeh's statement

  • And while many of his fellow Premiership head coaches have been turned prematurely grey by the stresses of top-level management, Pountney appears to be impervious to the pressure.

    BBC: SPORT | Rugby Union | English | Saint Budge eyes a miracle

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