• Later this year a rocket incorporating the new motor will make an attempt on the UK rocket altitude record, which stands at 10, 540 m (34, 579 ft) and is held by the Mars group.

    BBC: Hybrid success for British rocket

  • Altavista's move is seen as an attempt to make up ground on Freeserve, MSN and the other multitude of UK ISPs.

    BBC: The growth of Altavista

  • As the senior race started and began to climb Pleinmont hill it was clear that the Guernsey riders wanted to make an impact on the race attacked their Jersey counterparts in an attempt to get riders away before finally Tony Bleasdale managed to break away from the group.

    BBC: Guernsey riders wrap up road race

  • The Obama campaign decided more than a year ago to define Mr. Romney early, on its terms, in an attempt to make the election at least in part a referendum on him and his business record rather than what most re-election campaigns tend to be, which is a referendum on the incumbent.

    WSJ: Campaign 2012: Parties Seek Positives in Negative Tone

  • Wealthy nations are busy debasing their currency in an attempt to lower debt service costs and make their products more attractive on the world market.

    FORBES: How And When Does The 'Real' Currency War Begin?

  • But prosecutors say the men were innocent and their deaths were staged in an attempt to make Macedonia appear active in the US-led war on terror.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | Ex-Macedonian minister arrested

  • However it was not enough to discourage me, so I went on to persevere in an attempt to try to make the picture as well as I had imagined.

    BBC: Lightning really does strike twice

  • On the fiscal policy side, there was no attempt to make an aggressive fiscal stance in one blow get the economy going.

    FORBES: Round Table

  • He was granted bail on condition that he reside at an undisclosed address and that he make no attempt to contact Ferguson or any potential other witnesses.

    BBC: Duncan Ferguson

  • Behind the scenes, there are ongoing discussions on softening the burden for smaller deposits, in an attempt to make the measure more politically palatable and economically enticing.

    FORBES: Too Many Cuts, Not Enough Band Aids For The EURO

  • The IRS also is keeping a close eye on contributions to make sure taxpayers aren't secretly socking away extra money in an attempt to rack up tax-free earnings.

    WSJ: IRA Rules Get Trickier

  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia said the goal was to "make sure all women are safe, " and he described the Republican version as an attempt to "improve on" what the Senate sent over.


  • Like Bleriot, he went to bed on the night of 24 July having requested an early alarm call so he could make an attempt.

    BBC: The other pilot

  • Banks have been adding charges in an attempt to make up for billions of dollars in revenue that is expected to vanish as a result of new restrictions on credit cards, debit cards and overdraft policies.

    WSJ: BofA Retreats on Debit Fee, Citing Uproar

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