• Both brands get high marks for low depreciation, fuel and maintenance and repair costs across their full vehicle lines.

    FORBES: The Cheapest Cars To Own

  • It has also meant redefining the business: from offering a vast emporium of maintenance and repair products to providing e-commerce consulting and site maintenance to manufacturers of industrial supplies.

    FORBES: Survivor

  • We also consulted maintenance and repair-cost predictions from Intellichoice.com to ensure that any of the cars and trucks among our recommendations would not become unduly costly to keep running.

    FORBES: Cars That Can Last For 250,000 Miles (Or More)

  • They often subcontract maintenance and repair to specialists.

    ECONOMIST: Another way to sell cars | The

  • Simpler designs cut maintenance and repair costs.

    ECONOMIST: Energy

  • General Dynamics NASSCO, a major ship design, construction and repair company, mailed warn letters to about 1, 040 employees in San Diego, Norfolk and Mayport, informing them that they could be indefinitely laid off in April -- at the end of April through the summer, due to the possible cancellation or delay of maintenance and repair work and uncertainty created by sequestration.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Cash payments would be placed in an account and only used for maintenance, repair and environmental restoration.

    NPR: Report: US Footing Greater Bill For Overseas Bases

  • Cuts to budgets mean preventative maintenance and quick repair of runway equipment might not be possible, which could lead to more delays.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Comfort Systems offers installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the mechanical services industry.

    FORBES: Comfort Systems Gains Momentum

  • The activities of these practitioners also extend to the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of historic buildings, ranging from traditional Korean houses to monumental wooden palaces and temples.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • On the night of July 23, 2011, when trains began to stack up, dispatchers and maintenance staff raced to repair the faulty signal and ignored the simplest solution: stop the trains and regain the signal.

    NEWYORKER: Boss Rail

  • Now, the auto repair and maintenance industry is using social media to overhaul its Millennial outreach strategies.

    FORBES: Does It Matter If Millennials Don't Know How Cars Work?

  • Automotive repair and maintenance will likely continue to prosper as consumers do what they can in the uncertain economy.

    FORBES: Our Aging Population, and I Don't Mean People

  • It was driven largely by leverage on higher revenues, lower repair and maintenance expense, reduced credit card fees and utility costs.

    FORBES: Brinker International's Rise in Revenues

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