• Much attention had focused on Kenny Huang whose main base is Hong Kong.

    FORBES: End Game At Liverpool

  • There are small firebases elsewhere in the province, but troops at the main base rarely venture far from Tirin Kot.

    NEWYORKER: The Taliban’s Opium War

  • It is these factors, not its main base, Europe, that provide the context in which Basell looks inviting to its future owners.

    ECONOMIST: Plastics and petrochemicals

  • Since peasants are the Communists' main base, this is disastrous for them.

    ECONOMIST: Indian politics

  • Correa was the first one to expel the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from Ecuador and dismantle its main base of operations in Manta.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Until Sunday's huge suicide-bombing outside America's main base in Baghdad—which killed more than 20 people, mostly Iraqis—things had begun to look more promising for America's Iraqi adventure.

    ECONOMIST: The troublesome, vote-loving ayatollah | The

  • WTO, it will have to cede sovereignty—upwards, to a rules-based, supranational body, downwards to individual consumers and private companies at the expense of the state-industrial complex, the party's main base.

    ECONOMIST: China opens up

  • This settlement for destitute Africans from England and former slaves from the Americas had become the main base in west Africa for enforcing the British act that abolished the slave trade.

    ECONOMIST: Hopeless Africa

  • Kim Williams, the Australian chief executive of the studio, brags that Australia will emerge early in the next century as the main base outside the United States for the production of English language films.

    ECONOMIST: Australia as a film location

  • Saturday's ambush, which targeted Congress party politicians returning from a campaign event with the area's indigenous tribal community, appeared to be a warning to officials to stay away from the rebels' main base of support.

    NPR: Suspected Rebels Kill 24; India Officials Outraged

  • China represents 42% of global demand for the four main base metals: copper, zinc, nickel and aluminum, so its decisions regarding how to direct its state-run economy are paramount to the outlook for these commodities, she said.

    FORBES: PDAC2012: China's Economy Should See 'Soft-Landing'; Supportive For Base Metals -- Scotiabank

  • Well, Robert, the first suicide bomber blew himself up as two members of the peacekeeping force, called the Multinational Force and Observers, were driving with two Egyptian officials just north of the observer's main base in the Sinai.

    NPR: Suicide Bombers Hit International Force in Sinai

  • Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan (also known as Karuna), a former head of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) and now a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (the main component of the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance government), may also become more prominent, although his main base of support is in the east.

    ECONOMIST: The uncertain future of Tamils in Sri Lanka

  • Their main customer base is mostly made up of small businesses like my clients.

    FORBES: Why More CEOs Should Drink Beer

  • Rebels opposed to President Laurent Kabila in Congo captured Kindu, the government's main air base and headquarters in the east.

    ECONOMIST: Close call

  • Another idea, already being tried out at Camp Victory, the main American base in Baghdad, is to convert rubbish into electricity.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • But many of Mr Garotinho's and Mr Gomes's voters are quite conservative—especially the evangelical Christians who are Mr Garotinho's main support base.

    ECONOMIST: Brazil's presidential election

  • But this strategy may backfire if he is challenged by the former army commander, who is hugely popular among the president's main support base, the Sinhalese Buddhist majority.

    ECONOMIST: Politics and the war in Sri Lanka

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