• This crucial choice of the hero or heroine sets the narrative voice, literary style, and premise of the story.

    FORBES: Mystery and crime publishing is bloody booming!

  • The incantation of names is, on its own, a powerful literary style.

    NEWYORKER: The Dragon’s Egg

  • Though there's no documentary evidence showing Livingston's hand at work, Foster became convinced that the poem closely matched Livingston's literary style and point of view.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • On the subject of style, Mr Bellos explains how it came to mean something other than the indispensable attributes of a gentleman and how literary style became contained within the structure of a sentence.

    ECONOMIST: Shape-shifting

  • The essay on Beckett reads more like the book review it started out as, and the final piece on Baldwin only just about succeeds in comparing his literary style with the recent autobiographies by President Barack Obama.

    ECONOMIST: How writers are made by their families

  • Mr. RAYMOND STOCK (Writer and Translator): Well, he sort of invented the modern literary prose style in Arabic.

    NPR: Nobel-Winning Author Naguib Mahfouz Dies at 94

  • Mr. Massie, a Scot educated at Cambridge, is the most literary and pithy of historians, with a style shaped by decades of political and scholarly journalism.

    WSJ: Book Review: The Royal Stuarts

  • The Parisian-style cafe circuit, backed by an intriguing literary history, is paradise for bookish types and coffee lovers, and the edgy local fashion scene seduces design-minded travellers.

    BBC: Lonely Planet's top 10 Buenos Aires experiences

  • Unusually, a little more literary criticism would have augmented the picture, especially some appraisal of Stevenson's chiselled, graceful style.

    ECONOMIST: Literary lives

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