• Exercise Skycatcher, at Cowcaddens Fire Station, involved a light aircraft "crashing" into a tower block.

    BBC: firefighter generic

  • The price of these things really should come down to what light aircraft are.

    FORBES: Submarines For The Super-Rich

  • Hanjour is known to have trained in a Piper light aircraft on March 8th 1999.

    BBC: Lotfi Raissi transcript

  • Two men have been injured after a light aircraft crashed near a small airfield in Hampshire.

    BBC: Two hurt as plane crashes in Hampshire

  • Seoul is also bracing for, among other things, another incident at sea and infiltration attacks by ultra-light aircraft.

    FORBES: Will North Korea Bomb the G-20?

  • Joel McNicholls, 20, was the only passenger in the light aircraft which hit houses in Salford, in July 2011.

    BBC: Joel McNicholls

  • The airstrip at Ballykelly is primarily used by Army helicopters and light aircraft.

    BBC: The plane landed at an Army base six miles away

  • These include a requirement for pilots of even light aircraft and helicopters to file flight plans, giving precise timings.

    BBC: Redhill airfield

  • The estate cannot be forced to stop the flights as light aircraft noise is not covered by statutory noise nuisance.

    BBC: Mapledurham House sightseeing helicopters prompt row

  • The second is the introduction of the world's first civilian tilt-rotor aircraft a cross between a light aircraft and a helicopter.


  • As a young man, he climbed mountains, flew light aircraft and is said to have enjoyed parachuting out of planes doing cartwheels.

    BBC: David Davis

  • So has a report of a Chechen light aircraft discovered in Grozny, which has supposedly been under complete Russian control for a month.

    ECONOMIST: A Russian coronation | The

  • In September, a light aircraft carrying a number of General Saleh's business associates crashed while, reportedly, on a gold-buying mission in eastern Congo.

    ECONOMIST: Uganda and Congo

  • Both carriageways of the road were reopened by 15:00 BST on Saturday after work took place to repair power lines hit by the light aircraft.

    BBC: A1 in Cambridgeshire reopens after fatal plane crash

  • Still assuming a much smaller, light aircraft had hit the structure, the group emerged from the tower and were directed by policemen to keep moving.

    CNN: We the living: One company that made it

  • Brompton Road is also rumoured to be where Nazi deputy Rudolf Hess was held when he was captured after crash-landing a light aircraft in Scotland in May 1941.

    BBC: Reawakening the Underground

  • Now with his third wife, he is a fitness fanatic, with a penchant for cross-country skiing and also pilots gliders, helicopters, light aircraft and larger jets, including the Boeing 747.

    BBC: Lord Foster: Stormin' Norman

  • While the royal party have lunch at Castle College in Stornoway, we pile into a nine-seater light aircraft and set off with a carrier bag of ham and chicken sandwiches.

    BBC: Jubilee tour diary: Western Isles

  • The 24-year-old prince, who has spent time in Afghanistan as a member of the British Army's Household Cavalry, qualified for the course by flying a light aircraft under instruction, the statement said.

    CNN: Prince Harry to train as military pilot

  • The last period when Cuba and the United States exchanged friendly gestures ended in 1996, after Cuba shot down two light aircraft, killing four Cuban-Americans who had been scattering leaflets over Havana.


  • Peru shoots suspicious aircraft out of the sky if they refuse orders to land most recently in July, when its air force brought down a light aircraft it believed had come from Brazil.

    ECONOMIST: Colombia and its neighbours

  • MacCready fielded a team, this time with an entry called the Bionic Bat, which featured a design much closer to modern light aircraft, incorporating a rear propeller and a more robust pilot gondola.

    ENGADGET: The Highs and Lows of Human-Powered Flight Alt

  • Cartersville Airport, a general aviation airport about 15 miles (24 km) north with a much shorter runway intended for light aircraft was considered, but it was behind the aircraft and now out of reach.

    FORBES: Could You Land A Large Plane On An Interstate Highway?

  • For a man who was staring death in the face a few weeks ago, trapped in the twisted wreckage of a light aircraft with aviation fuel leaking all around him, Nigel Farage is on remarkably good form.

    BBC: What now for UKIP's Nigel Farage?

  • Honduras has long been seen as a transit route for cocaine smuggled from Colombia to the US, with much of the drugs flown into remote airstrips by light aircraft and then moved on to Guatemala and Mexico to reach the North American market.

    BBC: Honduras anti-drug chief shot dead by gunmen

  • Susan White Mathis, a native of Atlanta, had long been in search of a place to build an African retreat, and after an extensive search, she settled on Madikwe Game Reserve, a 185, 000-acre tract of arid bushveld located an hour by light aircraft northwest of Johannesburg.

    FORBES: South Africa's Opulent Mateya Safari Lodge

  • After Cuba responded to a provocative campaign of overflights by exiles by shooting down two light aircraft in international airspace, killing their four crew, Congress in 1996 approved a law known as Helms-Burton, which attempted to extend the embargo to foreign companies and barred the administration from supporting Cuba's return to the IMF.

    ECONOMIST: Cubans on the other side of the water are slowly changing too

  • The Pentagon deferred on a decision to provide the Afghans with five used C-130 military transport planes and light attack aircraft.

    WSJ: Obama to Speed Troop Exit

  • The cabin is over 300 cubic feet, which is far more than most other light turbine aircraft, and the baggage compartment is large enough to hold almost 33 standard carry-ons.

    FORBES: The Most Successful Aircraft Design Gets Even Better

  • But the three light-wing aircraft the Tigers used in eight attacks on military facilities are missing.

    ECONOMIST: Not your usual bunch of thugs

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