• Well that puts an end to Wen type kite flying to solicit public feedback.

    FORBES: Looking for China's Democratic Path

  • The free event keeps the fun going in the afternoons with live music, aircraft displays, kite flying and meet-and-greets with pilots.

    CNN: 7 breathtaking ballooning adventures

  • This piece of kite-flying, which appears to have been coordinated with the Treasury, has been almost universally dismissed by market economists and fellow central bankers.

    WSJ: Some of the Carney Gloss Is Coming Off

  • Earlier this month, Nick Boles, a new Tory MP and kite-flying outrider for the modernising camp, called for the two parties to forge an electoral pact at the next election.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • At Breezy Point, some of the restrictions include a ban on ATVs on federally protected land from March 15 through August, and no picnicking, kite-flying or ball-playing near the nests.

    WSJ: Wrecked Beaches Could Aid Plovers

  • Saint tried the good-cop approach, holding a kite-flying event in a park, after surveys showed that residents felt strongly about energy independence, and giving pinwheels to tots at a July 4th parade to promote wind power.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • For children with STEM mentors in their families and neighborhoods, even a basic childhood activity like flying a kite becomes a lesson in aerodynamics, and a window into the wonders of the universe and future careers.

    FORBES: We Need All Hands on Deck for Science Education

  • Next year I may still be flying a Cessna 172, or a paper kite (if Nasdaq hits 1100), or something wonderfully sleek.

    FORBES: Up From Here

  • Literally uplifting, "Promenade" shows the artist with a broad grin on his face, flying his wife in the air like a kite.

    BBC: Chagall and the art of passion and drama

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