• In conjunction with weak unions, the state's high unemployment rate enables employers to keep down wages.

    BBC: Rick Perry's economy: Texas miracle or Texas curse?

  • Politicians are reluctant to tamper with the Handwerk, whose apprenticeships keep down unemployment among the young.

    ECONOMIST: German services

  • Pollick hopes eventually to raise his own endowment to cover costs and keep down fees charged to celebrities.

    FORBES: Savior To The Stars

  • The scarcity of rain--10 inches in a good year--helps keep down plant diseases.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This happened to America in the early 1970s, when President Nixon banned oilseed exports to keep down domestic prices.

    ECONOMIST: Export restrictions

  • Help us help you, airlines pleaded with customers, asking them to urge Congress to keep down fuel prices by curbing speculation.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The Fed's asset purchases help keep down U.S. bond yields, and higher U.S. yields could also push up yields on Japanese bonds.

    WSJ: Japanese Stocks Fall Sharply

  • Until recently, inexpensive corn has helped keep down the price of beef.

    CNN: How to buy the best beef

  • They were a way to keep down inflation, but they also encouraged excessive borrowing in foreign currencies, creating strains that eventually broke the currency peg.

    ECONOMIST: Emerging markets

  • Fire could then be safely re-introduced to keep down the brush.

    ECONOMIST: Fire in the west: Another costly war that America can never win? | The

  • To keep down price rises, and thus ease the political process, governments should employ a second tool: spending to help promising new technologies get to market.

    ECONOMIST: Climate change

  • Texaco trucks sprayed roads with oil, to keep down dust.

    NEWYORKER: Reversal of Fortune

  • The second principle, says Mr Cameron, should be to keep down the risk of a breach by using as little information as possible to achieve the task in hand.

    ECONOMIST: It's best for governments not to know too much

  • To keep down expenses he relies on referrals, occasional visits to industry trade shows and LinkedIn, which he uses to blast periodic e-mails to a network of roughly 500 executives.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Third, to the extent that the fees push commuters to switch from cars to mass transit, they will spread subway and bus costs over more users, thus helping to keep down fare increases.

    FORBES: Drive-By Pricing

  • The government now wants doctors to keep down their costs (fees plus prescriptions) to a rise of 1.3% this year (the same as for hospitals), with penalties on those who overshoot.

    ECONOMIST: France: A headache | The

  • John Francis and Lawrence Prittipaul advanced the score to 80 before Francis (19) failed to keep down a short ball from Tinu Yohannan and gloved a legside catch to wicketkeeper Ajay Ratra.

    BBC: India warm up with win

  • One reason it had the market to itself for so long was that indexing was extremely labor-intensive -- so much so that someone long ago suggested that convict labor be used to keep down costs.

    FORBES: Mousetrapped

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