• There is another reason why the Kurds will probably join battle.

    ECONOMIST: The Kurds talk of federation and plan for independence

  • More generally, while pay inequalities have widened, America's strong economic growth in recent decades has meant that many workers have seen improvements to their pay and conditions, sapping their will to join battle against their capitalist exploiters.

    ECONOMIST: Disorganised labour | The

  • And that's far from all, as brands spanning Mercedes to Hyundai-owned Kia join the battle.

    FORBES: CMO Network

  • And if things get out of hand, the swollen Palestinian police could join the battle, rather than prevent it.

    ECONOMIST: Limiting Camp David’s damage

  • To encourage town councils to join the battle, the government is offering them one-third of revenues recovered and fines levied for their part in successful prosecutions.

    ECONOMIST: A decree brings new measures to reduce tax cheating

  • On August 7th the rebels from various groups rushed off together to blow up tanks and fire at troops moving along the motorway from the coast to join the battle for Aleppo.

    ECONOMIST: Syria’s rebels

  • So let's set aside, then, the argument that the Bush administration, based on that argument -- assuming the Bush administration is arguing they didn't knowingly release people that they thought would go back into -- and join the battle in a different place.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • That battle has made it easier for the PC makers to join in, which in turn is driving down the prices these firms are prepared to pay for other PC components such as memory chips, modems and disk drives.

    ECONOMIST: An old-fashioned price war | The

  • Apparently believing the battle had been won, many green-minded Americans stopped bothering to join up and offer money.

    ECONOMIST: The defence of nature 2

  • When he spoke of winning the battle, he probably did not have in mind gaining the right to join the military and marry in church.

    NEWYORKER: Deceptive Picture

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