• First, very few people ever bought this game because of John Madden.

    FORBES: Madden NFL 13 Looking For Fan Interaction To Revive Brand

  • Who would have thought that John Madden had a gift for villainy?

    NEWYORKER: Private Wars

  • Named for Monday Night Football announcer John Madden, the game has sold 43 million copies since 1989, many to the same buyers.

    FORBES: Name Recognition

  • While franchises built around Tiger Woods and John Madden are steady earners, the economics of building big budget games are increasingly daunting.

    FORBES: Electronic Arts Adopts Maker Of Pet Society

  • Electronic Arts' EA Sports is a valuable property in large measure because EA spends money getting rights to other names, like John Madden and NASCAR.

    FORBES: Brand Values

  • He and John Madden helped give FOX Sports and the NFL on FOX credibility when it launched almost 20 years ago, and for that we'll be forever grateful.

    WSJ: Quotes on death of Pat Summerall

  • And though John Madden no longer hands out turducken legs to top performers, perhaps there will be some scraps left over for Nickelback if the bandmembers ask nicely.

    FORBES: Why Nickelback Isn't Getting Paid For Its Thanksgiving Day Gig

  • With real playbooks featured in Madden and constant input by John Madden himself, the 'x's and o's' of football are being taught to the next generation of gridiron greats.

    CNN: Brett Favre returns to the gridiron for 'Madden'

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Antonick recently learned that the same code base that he created for the original 1988 version of John Madden Football is still being used today.

    FORBES: Madden Creator Sues Electronic Arts for Millions in Royalties

  • "He and John Madden helped give FOX Sports and the NFL on FOX credibility when it launched almost 20 years ago, and for that we'll be forever grateful, " the statement said.

    CNN: Pat Summerall, legendary NFL announcer, dies at 82

  • Other betting fodder: How often will beefy game analyst John Madden mention food? (Figure twice, say the odds.) How many times will the NBC cameras show a shot of Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner's wife?

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "He didn't exactly seem like 'Spartacus' back there, but maybe it was good because we had so many diverse personalities and a coach who was highly underrated, " said Mr. Christensen, referring to John Madden.

    WSJ: Veterans Keep Jets Grounded

  • He was there to induct John Madden, the former head coach and famed NFL analyst as the seventeenth "Raidah, " as Davis put it in his Brooklyn accent, to grab football's highest honor, including the owner himself.

    FORBES: A New Test For an Old Raider

  • They are part of the fabric and the mystique of the final game of the National Football League, just as much as the half-time show, the cheerleaders, the sideline interviews, and at least three references to John Madden.

    FORBES: Where Are All My Superbowl Adverts?

  • It has also bought the rights to games by the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the NCAA men's basketball tournament and English Premiere League soccer, and such personalities as sportscaster John Madden , skateboarders Bam Margera and Tony Hawk , cyclist Lance Armstrong and political commentators Bob Dornan and Michael Reagan .

    FORBES: Satellite Radio Days

  • Trip Hawkins, who is the original founder of EA and was the man behind the concept of the game (he convinced John Madden to come on board), has said that Antonick was not the person driving the game and that EA dropped him as a contract worker when the industry upgraded to 16-Bit consoles because the job required the skills of more advanced programmers.

    FORBES: Activision's Call of Duty and Electronic Arts' Madden Franchises Face Major Lawsuits

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